November 9, 2016
10 Facts About Property Management Cleaning

45484062 - woman cleaning her kitchen with a spray bottle

When you think about cleaning your memory may lead you back to a time when you were six and your parents were upset about some unfinished chores; or the time you spent hours cleaning up your Toronto condo after house party got a bit out of hand. Whatever the case may be, cleaning is rarely associated with fun though we could all agree that living or working in a clean environment could definitely positively impact your mood. Today, we wanted to take more of a fun angle which is why we present ten facts about cleaning that you probably didn’t know about. Enjoy!

Cleaning Burns Approximately 100 Calories Per Hour

Research and fitness enthusiasts agree that standard cleaning involves burning 100 calories for every 60 minutes of cleaning. That means that our iRestify service experts burn approximately 400 calories for their typical cleans. You may not believe it, but cleaning is great for those looking for a bit of exercise and physical activity!

Multifamily Communities Should Always Beware of Mattresses 

Cleaning is important in both the workplace and at home but one area that commonly gets overlooked is the bedroom. We spend approximately 1/3rd of our lives on our mattresses though this area rarely gets clean. Scientists estimate that a mattress has anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites, that is beyond belief! If you haven’t cleaned your common spaces and lounges, it may be a good idea to use iRestify because our cleaning service experts will get rid of those dust mites in just a short time!

The Earth is A Dusty Place

You may have noticed that dust returns to your place no matter how hard you tried cleaning, even if no one was occupying this space, dust will always return. As it turns out, a lot of dust is created by the outer space.  NASA tells us that each year, 40,000 tonnes of cosmic dust is dumped on the earth by space and these particles which survive in the air for as much as 5 days, makes our property management community a dusty space.

The Office Phone Has A Lot Of Unwanted Bacteria

According to researcherss, a typical office phone has over 25,000  particles attached to bacteria or germs per square inch. The phone that you use to dial clients or hold conference calls contains a lot more germs than the office keyboard or mouse. Therefore, as this statistic depicts, it’s imperative to use a Toronto cleaning service for your commercial property in order to eliminate these germs; why not use iRestify?

We Spend A Lot of Time Indoors

It is estimated that over the course of a human’s lifetime, they will spend 87% of that time indoors. We never think of it like that however the majority of our time is spent indoors whether we’re socializing, sleeping, and working for most people. 87% of our lives are spent in closed, confined spaces therefore cleaning these areas are essential to overall health and well being.

The 30-60 Second Rule

The science behind antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning products prove that these products do work as they will remove bacteria and germs when applied to a specific space. However, most people do not apply these products correctly. In order for these cleaning products to work, you must first let it set in the area for 30 – 60 seconds and not just wipe automatically after applying the product. This 30-60 second rule is essential for the product to remove the bacteria and germs.

The Toilet is Rarely The Dirtiest Place In a Property Management Space 

Most people would agree that the toilet is the dirtiest space in the location, however, this is rarely true. Carpet tends to be the dirtiest place in any location due to the number of dust mites that accumulate on carpets. Secondly, the kitchen sink almost always has more bacteria and germs than the toilet, especially when meat was recently cooked.

70% of All Dust Particles Are Made Up Of Dead Skin

Whenever we see dust we automatically blame things like pollen, or outer space if you read our NASA statistic, however, 70% of all dust particles are made up of our skin flakes which are no longer living. Interesting that we actually contribute to 70% of all dust without even knowing it. In order to get rid of these dust particles, it may be best to use the Toronto-based iRestify platform because we do an awesome job of getting rid of the dust!