January 11, 2017
10 Reasons Why Cleaning Services Are Totally Worth It


It’s a new year and you may be thinking that it’s time to get more tidy and organized when it comes to your household. As an online platform, it would be totally biased if we told you to use our cleaning service because we’re awesome. I mean, we are awesome, however, there are other reasons why you should invest in a cleaning service. If you’re considering using a cleaning service in 2017 then this blog post is perfect for you. Here are ten reasons why cleaning services are totally worth the money, enjoy!

  1. You’re Saving Time.


When you purchase cleaning services, whether it’s daily housekeeping, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, you’re essentially purchasing a service that will save you time. According to researchers, the average person commits 27 hours per month cleaning. That’s 27 hours you could be spending  with the kids on homework, socializing with friends, spending on Netflix or chatting away on Facebook messenger. Whatever the case may be, the average person spends 27 hours per month cleaning and those 27 hours are incredibly valuable to you. When you invest in a cleaning service like iRestify, you’re essentially giving yourself time. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you have a 800 square foot condo located in downtown Toronto. If you were to use cleaning services via the iRestify platform, it would cost you $87 (pre-tax) for a bi-weekly clean. For the month, you would be spending $174 (pre-tax) for a professional cleaner to clean your space. Looking at the numbers, if you were to divide that total by the 27 hours you’d be spending cleaning your Toronto condo, you’d be valuing your time at $6.44 per hour. Surely, you know that your time is worth more than $6.44/hr, which isn’t even minimum wage. Therefore it’s clear to see that when you use a cleaning service, you’re essentially investing in your time which could be better spent elsewhere, like with the family!


  1. Professional Cleaners Give A Professional Experience


When you visit a hairdresser for example, you’re not paying for a brand new hairstyle but instead you’re paying for a trusted, experienced, professional to give you a hairstyle that you desire which you cannot provide yourself. When you get your car detailed, you’re once again paying a trusted expert to hand you back the keys to the vehicle with a brand new car smell, something that you cannot get on your own. Sure, you can clean, but can you clean as well as someone who has been cleaning on a daily basis for the past 31 years? Probably not. When you use a cleaning service, you’re paying for an experience that you cannot get on your own. Trusted cleaners like the ones listed on the iRestify platform have seen just about every situation you can imagine and give you that professional experience.


  1. Cleaning Tips Are Everything


When this cleaning service was first started, we polled many people to see if they knew about in-depth cleaning tips that we had recently discovered. For example, we asked 100 females to tell us about how frequently they cleaned their makeup brushes (something that should be cleaned on a weekly basis.) As we found out, only one person had ever bothered to clean their makeup brushes, as most discarded the makeup brushes after one or two years. When you use a cleaning service, you get tips from professional service experts that you’d probably never think about, like how to clean your makeup brushes. Speaking of makeup brushes, here is an awesome tutorial from blogger Chia on how to effectively clean those makeup brushes.


  1. The Brand New Feeling


Have you ever gone on vacation and returned to your resort room or hotel room and everything feels brand new again? The sheets are perfect, the trash has been removed, the bathroom has been cleaned and the place smells and feels like a brand new room that you just entered. Imagine having that feeling every time you stepped foot into your home? When you hire a cleaning service, you’re undoubtedly paying for the experience as this blog post mentioned earlier. You’re paying for that brand new feeling that would bring a smile to your face even after a difficult work day, or after spending hours in traffic. Whatever the case may be, that brand new feeling is definitely worth it, which is what you’re getting when you use a cleaning service.


  1. Cleaning Services Erase Mistakes


iRestify recently had a customer that was in desperate need for cleaning help during the holidays. This customer sprayed Pledge Wood Polisher all over her hardwood floors in an effort to impress her guests that were arriving the next day from Vancouver. Unfortunately, she inadvertently created a skating rink in her house as the wood polisher is only meant for furniture and is not meant for flooring. iRestify came to the rescue with a vinegar based solution that made her floors feel like actual floors and not ice. When you invest in a cleaning service, you’re eliminating any chance for mistakes because let’s face it, we helped clean up a slippery situation.


  1. It Gives A Great Reflection Of Yourself  


I think we can all agree that there’s a massive difference between throwing your clothes in the laundry, and having your clothes dry cleaned. In reality, anyone can dry clean anything from the comfort of their own home. As the PopSugar link illustrates, it’s fairly simple. With that said, very few people will actually take the time to dry clean anything at home because it’s time consuming and simply doesn’t have the same feeling as using a professional dry cleaning service. Any service you purchase reflects great on yourself. You start to feel better, others start to notice and before you know it, others start asking “hey where did you get that shirt dry cleaned, it looks good.” Similarly, when you invest in a cleaning service, you’re investing in yourself. You’re telling yourself that you’re worth it and others will definitely see this transformation.


  1. A Clean Home Leaves A Lasting First Impression


If you are really close with your relatives then chances are, they are always telling you how to do something whether it’s cook, clean, or be a parent. Relatives always claim to know what’s best and can often annoy you with constructive criticism, which can feel stressful. Imagine, they walk into your home and have nothing critical to say, only compliments. They can’t tell you about the trash, or lego pieces that are hidden in the couch. Using a cleaning service will leave a lasting first impression on your family and friends and that alone should make you want to visit iRestify and book your next cleaning service today.


  1. Cleaners See Things That You Don’t


Perhaps you’re one of those folks that spends 27/hours a month cleaning but you’ve yet to wipe down the kitchen range, television remote, or remove the foil from the toaster oven. When you use a cleaning service, you’re getting a professional cleaning expert that is trained to see things that the average person will miss. No one ever thinks about cleaning in detail like a professional cleaner. Fridge handles, the sides of a microwave, this list can go on and on but the point stands, cleaners can see things that you happen to miss.


  1. Positively Impact Your Health and Wellness


The truth is, very few people have the 27 hours per month that it takes to effectively clean any space, therefore in reality they leave certain items or miss out on thing like cleaning the floors. The fact remains that your house is filled with unwanted bacteria, gunk, dust mites, junk and more. Cleaning services like iRestify are designed to get rid of all these unwanted elements and make sure that your home is safe and clean for all guests. Yes, a cleaning service can actually make you healthier by cleaning those hard to reach places that are filled with bacteria or dust mites.


  1. Declutter = Happiness


There have been an abundance of studies that show clean spaces positively contribute to your overall health and well being. Don’t believe us? Check out this link. Studies have proven that organized work or home spaces lead to more smiles, a better overall sense of self and this relates directly to your happiness. We’re all on this floating rock called earth trying to reach that permanent state of happiness, therefore if a clean space has proven to put a smile on your face, then you should definitely invest in a cleaning service.

Cleaning services are worth it because they save you time, contribute to your happiness, and give you a service that you cannot provide for yourself. While everyone on a universal level has done some form of cleaning, there’s a difference between wiping a damp cloth over a table and hiring a professional expert to declutter and organize your home. Cleaning services like iRestify exist to give you the most positive experience you can imagine. Your time is worth it, your house is worth it, and most importantly, you are worth it.