December 2, 2016
10 Tips and Tricks When It Comes to Home Cleaning

Happy Friday everyone! We’ve had a busy week of cleaning Toronto homes, offices, and businesses but we’re back to deliver some great tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning your home. Today, we want to share with you some simple tricks that may just “wow” you. These tips will save you time and undoubtedly simplify the home cleaning process, particularly before those holiday guests arrive. Speaking of the holidays, we at iRestify are in a very giving mood. If you visit us, please take advantage of our “Jingle12” promo which will save you 12% on your first booking. That’s our gift to you during this Holiday Season! Here are the ten essential tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning your home. Enjoy!

Microwave All Of Your Sponges

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: please microwave your sponges. Over time, sponges accumulate bacteria and germs and the last thing you want to do is spread these unwanted elements to other areas of your home. Microwaving your sponges for just two minutes will kill 99% of the bacteria and will making your home much cleaner!

A Special Homemade Gunk Removing Solution

Take one big spoon of vegetable oil, two big spoons of baking soda and mix it together; be sure to stir for an extended period of time. You’ve just created a homemade gunk removing solution. Apply this solution to items like cabinets and doors and you’ll be surprised at how clean these items will get in just a few minutes.

Clean All Toys in the Laundry


If you have children, then chances are their toys may have plenty germs and bacteria. Cleaning each Lego piece one by one isn’t practical and seems like an impossible solution. Instead, take all the toys, throw them in a laundry bag and stick them in the washer. They will come out clean, germ-free and this effective solution is guaranteed to keep the mess in the house at a minimum.

Salt is the Best Way to Clean an Iron

If you’re looking to clean your iron, the most effective solution is salt. Place salt on your ironing board and iron the salt like you would your favorite dress shirt (make sure the steam option is off). In just a matter of seconds, the dirt on your iron will stick to the salt and voila, you have a clean iron!

Gloves to Remove Pet Hair


If you have pets then this tip will definitely make your home a cleaner place. Dampen a rubber glove and rub it along any furniture. This solution will work like a magnet and attract all the leftover pet hair on your furniture and floors, essentially sticking to the glove.

Make Homemade Grout Cleaner

Take ¾ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of bleach and mix it together. Keep mixing until it becomes a thick paste. Apply this homemade cleaner to your grout by using a toothbrush or a sponge. 10 minutes later, rinse the solution off the tiles and you will be surprised that all the gunk, bacteria and germs are now gone!

Remove Hard Water Stains


The best way to remove water stains the natural way is to use a lemon, yes a lemon. Cut the lemon in half and rub your faucet with this homemade cleaning agent. In just minutes, all the hard water stains will be removed!

Clean Makeup Brushes

You would be surprised at how much bacteria and gunk your makeup brushes may contain. An effective cleaning solution to removing these unwanted elements is to mix shampoo and water in a bowl. Place your makeup brushes in the bowl and in just minutes, they’ll be clean as new.

Cleaning a Shower Head

Cleaning a shower head can be tricky therefore this trick will definitely save you time. Throw some vinegar in sandwich bag and secure it to your shower head using a rubber band. Let it sit for an hour and let science do its thing. In one hour, remove the sandwich bag and you now have a clean shower head!

The Toothbrush Trick

Cleaning toothbrushes can also be a difficult task and most folks opt to stick them in boiling water. This method kills the bacteria on the toothbrush but it also damages the brush. A better way is to stick the toothbrush in white vinegar. Let it sit for 15 minutes and boom, you have a germ free toothbrush!