January 23, 2017
3 Cleaning Stories From Around The World


While here at iRestify, we have been dedicated to cleaning Toronto homes, offices, and businesses, it’s clear to see that cleaning is constantly growing all around the world. Everywhere you happen to look shows signs of the world getting cleaner. Today we divulge into the rest of the world to see how cleaning is altering cities, the countryside and our everyday habits. Here are five big cleaning stories from around the world.

  1. Los Angeles Opens The World’s First Sneaker Dry Cleaning Service


If you’re looking for new ideas to start up a business, you may want to try to open a sneaker dry cleaning service which is exactly what Jason Markk did in LA. If you’re looking for a place where you can get your sneakers dry cleaned, Markk’s shop is the way to go. Looking at the numbers, Nike brought in $32.4 billion dollars last year, most of that from shoes. Adidas brings in around 25 billion and the sneaker market is a big deal. Kanye West’s Yeezys which retail for approximately $200, have been re-selling for as high as $3,000. As people opt for a more clean lifestyle, dry-cleaning expensive sneakers may be the way to go. Don’t be surprised if Markk’s ideas take off in other regions of the world, especially Toronto which has a big “sneakerhead” community.

  1.  Cleaning Businesses Are Booming in India.


According to experts and researchers, the cleaning industry in India is expected to grow by as much as 30%. The cleaning sector in India has seen consistent growth over the past two decades and this industry is expected to boom in 2017 as more companies rely on reputable cleaning services on a consistent basis. Small startups and entrepreneurs are gravitating to India to tackle the cleaning industry as cleaning companies do not require many resources to start-up in India and require no more than five employees.

  1.  Edmonton Reveals New Cleaning Carts


While we have discussed cleaning in Los Angeles and India, here in Canada, one Canadian city is taking an initiative to be more clean. Edmonton has purchased five new cleaning carts which cost the city $12,000 collectively. These carts are all part of a new city initiative to employ more city workers to keep the city clean. The city started this program three years ago, called the Downtown Proud Program which aims at making the cities cleaner. In the last three years, researchers say that Edmonton has certainly gotten cleaner and with the success of the Downtown Proud, the city hopes to expand the program in the near future!

These three unique cleaning stories are all positive and will all help contribute to make the world a cleaner place. Whether you’re dry cleaning sneakers, starting a cleaning company in India or working towards making your own city clean, we’re all trying to make a difference on this planet. It’s great to see that other cities and countries are stepping up and making the world a far cleaner place for the future ahead!