June 15, 2017
3 Reasons Why Your Fitness Rooms Should Be Getting Professionally Cleaned

In the 90s there was a big resurgence pertaining to body building. Everyone believed that strength training was the key to health and people who subscribed to this idea ate raw eggs, climbed stairs like Rocky, lifted weights and some even ate 30,000 calories a day. That’s the equivalent of 53.28 Big Macs per day.

Well we’ve changed. As we’ve evolved to a more health conscious society, we’ve seen the emergence of condo fitness gyms with customized equipment and health plans designed to make fitness fun because let’s face it, eating the equivalent of 53.28 Big Macs and lifting enormous weights just doesn’t sound too fun, unless you really love McDonalds. Here in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve seen there are countless boutique fitness spaces. CrossFit, Spin Classes, F45, Jiu-Jitsu, elite strength training, mixed martial art facilities and more are scattered all across the city. Here are five reasons why it’s important that these locations use a fitness centre.


There’s a difference between using a towel to wipe down equipment and having a professional, experienced cleaning service expert disinfect fitness equipment. Put down your lunch for just a few seconds before we deliver this shocking statistic. Studies have shown that free weights contains 362x more bacteria than a toilet seat. No, that isn’t a typo, most of the gym equipment at your local fitness centre contains more bacteria than a toilet seat. These fitness items should be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis by an experienced cleaning expert, not a towel.


Here’s something else you probably didn’t know: clutter has a negative effect on the brain. Yes, a cluttered space could be doing harm to your workout routine and training regiment. A professional cleaning service like iRestify has the ability to improve your workout routine, simply by cleaning and decluttering your fitness space.


A clean space has been proven to have a great impact on moods, which could undoubtedly assist with your mental state in the gym. The hardest part about adopting a fitness routine is convincing yourself not to take days off. A clean space can have a direct impact on your mood and overall well-being. Yes we can make you smile!

The next time you walk into your condo gym it may be a good idea to point out the results from this study. Then make sure that this common space is getting a professional cleaning service, from trusted, experienced experts.  Oh, and we forget to mention, we’re currently cleaning numerous fitness locations across the city. Get on board!