December 20, 2016
5 Cleaning Fails To Never Try in Any Property Management Space

Hey beautiful people, sorry that we have not been posting as regularly as we should, we’ve simply been busy making Toronto look clean and sexy for the Holiday Season. We have had plenty of cleans to do with everything from condos to office holiday parties to real estate open houses, but we’re back! We’re now just a few days away from the Holidays which means that you may have guests coming over. Here are five things you do NOT want to do, unless you really hate your guests 🙂 Enjoy!

Never Use Pledge On Wood Flooring

Recently, a customer contacted us in a panic because she created a virtual skating rink in her home, just hours before guests were slated to arrive. She was using Pledge Wood cleaner on her furniture and thought that it would work great on the hardwood floors. While the Pledge did its job and polished the floors, it also created a skating rink similar to the one the Toronto Maple Leafs play on at the ACC. Luckily, iRestify service experts were able to fix her problem using a vinegar based solution. It’s always best to avoid using any furniture cleaner or polisher on the flooring.

Never Detach Your Vacuum Cleaner While It’s On.

Here is a demonstration of what we are talking about: please click here! As the video demonstrates, you never want to detach your vacuum cleaner while it’s on. The cleaning enthusiast in the video believed she was reaching the tough areas on her walls, however, she was really doing nothing at all! You always want to make sure that your equipment is attached when cleaning, or you may become the next viral star!

Never Use Vinegar On Marble

A common mistake is that people often believe that vinegar is an all purpose cleaner. While vinegar works as a great solution, it is important to note that it does not work well on all surfaces. Marble for example is something that should never be cleaned with vinegar. The acid in the vinegar eats away at the marble and unfortunately you’re doing more harm than good.

Never Use Mouthwash in the Laundry

Unfortunately, a popular site once wrote about cleaning hacks and mentioned that mouthwash works well as a substitute for detergent. While this may work on some washing machines, this popular cleaning hack actually damaged many washing machines. Please be careful and always do your research before following through on a cleaning hack.

Never Use Car Wax To Clean the Stove


Another popular cleaning hack that once made waves around the internet was that car wax was an efficient stove cleaner. Unfortunately, this is all a prank. Most car wax cleaning solutions are combustible therefore using it on your stoves is just a nightmare waiting to happen. When it comes to anything involving fire, it’s always best to stick to the instructions!