May 11, 2017
5 Fast Facts About Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is upon us but do we really understand why we call it Spring Cleaning? Why don’t we call it Summer Cleaning? Or Winter cleaning? Or Autumn cleaning?  We dug all throughout old history documents, encyclopedias and traveled the world to find the answers. Okay, maybe we just searched Google. For history enthusiasts, cleaning enthusiasts, and those who are always looking for conversation starters,  here are five fast facts about Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Only Happens In the Spring

Are you blown away by our stunning facts yet? The reason it’s called Spring Cleaning is because, in colder climates, people tend to store winter items away. They also like to thoroughly clean their homes in an effort to bring in the fresh air. No more boots needed to destroy the mudroom, no more winter jackets and salt from the streets that make its way into the home, spring is the first time of the year that someone living in a colder climate can thoroughly clean their space. As always, you could book a cleaning service with iRestify and let us handle all of the cleaning for you!

Spring Cleaning started in Iran

Historians believe that Spring Cleaning started in Iran as a way to bring in the Persian New Year, which also falls on the first day of spring. This is a practice that spread across the world. Presently, Iranians still practice spring cleaning which is called “khooneh tekouni” which literally means, “shaking the house!”

The Most Popular Month for Advertising Cleaning Products in March

Researchers believe that Spring Cleaning gained popularity in North America because of dusting commercials. Historically, marketing experts have determined that March is the earliest month to show a house being opened up. Therefore, with an influx of advertisements displaying a house being cleaned, opened and dusted in March; more people tend to clean during the Spring time than any other time!

Spring Cleaning Occurs in Places Of Worship

Spring cleaning is not just a task taken in homes and offices, however it’s also completed in places of worship. In Catholic churches, the Altar is thoroughly cleaned the day before Good Friday. In Orthodox nations, it is tradition to clean right before the first week of Lent, this corresponds with April 1st, the Julian New Year.

In Rural Areas, Spring Cleaning Is Used For Big Projects

In the countryside, Spring cleaning is used to tackle big projects. Big projects often involve the use of chemical products and as fumes are being generated, it’s best to air out the house and the best time to do this is during the Spring time!
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