November 25, 2016
5 Questions With Toronto Startup – Your House Fitness


Happy Friday! As a Toronto-based startup, we at iRestify are constantly working to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Today, we have a special interview with another Toronto-based startup, Your House Fitness, a group of fitness professionals that bring the gym to your home or office. We spoke with Ben Walker, co-founder of Your House Fitness to discuss how a clean space can have a positive impact on your overall workouts, health and well-being. Enjoy!

iRestify: Tell us a bit about Your House Fitness

Ben Walker: Your House Fitness has a goal of providing the best trainers in terms of professionalism, punctuality and experience. The personal trainers of our company are all qualified in kinesiology or health and fitness promotion. We incorporate other clinical and health services to our personal training regiment. We come to you to serve the workout every time, ensuring you stay committed! This is at your home or condo gym.

iRestify: How important is a clean space with regards to working out?

Ben Walker: Firstly, being organized keeps you consistent and also reduces consumption of time. Clutter builds up dust and this is something that needs to be consistently watched in the gym or in your Toronto home. Being organized will not only help you feel great but it will get you in a great routine and have a positive impact on your fitness aspirations and goals.

iRestify: Would you say that a clean space is needed for a great work out and efficient fitness routine?

Ben Walker: Definitely. I think it’s most important for both large groups and individuals who use Your House Fitness. Less questions are asked and people stay connected if everybody knows the system and routine. Knowing where everything is at all times increases team morale and productivity and these are all aspects to a clean area.

iRestify: Speaking of groups, do you work on an individual basis or are their group classes as well.

Ben Walker: We try to fit the needs of everyone. We do individual, couple and group training. Many groups we take are even at the office. In a corporate setting, we will offer other health and wellness programs as well as personal training on a consistent basis.

iRestify: Last question, What’s the most important aspect to someone trying to get healthy? Would you recommend any cleaning tips before a workout for an efficient session?

Ben Walker: I think the individual should start from home and then fit their well being around their fitness. Staying clean and tidy at home and in the gym is going to start you off in the right mind frame. Get organized with your diet, work and then your fitness plan! This will boost your confidence in handling everything you need to get done in a day, and of course once again, will save you time.

 We’d like to thank Ben Walker and the entire team at Your House Fitness for giving us this great interview! If you’d like to find out more about how Ben and his team can bring the gym to your Toronto home, condo, or office, please visit them at Your House Fitness.