December 28, 2016
5 Reasons To Be an iRestify Cleaning Expert

While most of us are still in Holidays mode, enjoying delicious leftovers and seeking ways to lose all these extra Holiday pounds most of us have just put on, iRestify is busy expanding. Just a few weeks ago, iRestify announced that we’ll be servicing areas outside of Toronto such as Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and Oakville. With this expansion comes a hunt to find the best cleaners in the Greater Toronto Area. Here are five reasons why you should join the iRestify team!




Select Your Own Hours

All cleaning service experts listed on the iRestify platform are their own bosses. That means that they select when they want to work. If a 9-5 isn’t for you then that’s totally okay because when you join the iRestify team, you select the hours that fit your schedule. If you want to work during regular hours then that’s totally fine and if you prefer to work outside of typical hours, you also have that option at iRestify!

Competitive Fees

All service experts listed on the platform charge iRestify competitive fees. This means that as an independent contractor, you charge us for every job that you complete. This entire process is managed online and is a hassle-free environment.

Choose Where You Want To Work

Perhaps you only like cleaning commercial locations in the Toronto downtown core. As a service expert listed on the iRestify platform, you have the option to select your own preferences. That means that you can work your own hours, in the territory of your choice, while selecting only jobs that you feel comfortable with. That’s right, all service experts listed on the iRestify platform are entrepreneurs!

Get Jobs Delivered Right To You

As an independent contractor, part of the difficulties is finding jobs yourself so that you could grow your own business. Luckily, iRestify is an online platform that finds the jobs for you. You no longer have to worry about finding jobs yourself because the iRestify platform will let you know when a job becomes available!

Gain Credibility

If you’re a cleaner with many years of experience then chances are that you know the difference between a 1-Star clean and a 5-Star clean. All customers have the option to rate service experts upon completion of the job. That means that you can very well gain credibility, validity and increased online presence with higher ratings, similar to Uber. It’s time to get credit for all the hard work you have been putting in and iRestify is here to help!

If you would like to join the iRestify team as a service expert, please click here!