January 3, 2017
5 Reasons To Use iRestify for your Property Management Operations in 2017

We hope you had a fantastic Holiday Season and we hope that Santa gave you everything you asked for. iRestify was busy throughout the Holidays, making sure Toronto stayed fresh, clean, and ready for 2017. Just as a friendly reminder, today we deliver all the reasons that you should consider iRestify in 2017. If you haven’t checked out our website yet, we’re an online platform helping to provide cleaning services for customers of residential and commercial locations. We help clean Toronto offices, businesses and homes. Here are the five integral reasons to use iRestify in 2017.


We Put Smiles on Faces

Whether it’s our daily housekeeping services, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or a one time clean, we’re always putting smiles on faces. All the service experts listed on the site have undergone background checks, are fully insured and vetted. There’s no greater feeling than coming home after a long hard day to a spotless home. Our service experts work endlessly to make sure you that you are satisfied, always.

It’s Quick and Easy

Online booking solutions are a way of the future. Whether it’s Uber, travel sites like Expedia or car rentals, online booking platforms simplify traditional, time consuming methods of doing business. If you’re looking for a cleaner for an open house, your Airbnb location or more, by using iRestify, you’re saving time with this quick, easy, and transparent process.

Hassle-Free for The Win

The main goal of iRestify is to ensure that the customer has a great experience which is why we created a hassle free environment. Pricing is displayed right on the site for just about any location in the city of Toronto. There are no hidden fees, or long term commitment, which is ideal for anyone looking for cleaning help in 2017.

Trust is Earned

At iRestify, we figured out exactly how to gain your trust. Let’s assume you were to book a five hour clean for a Toronto home in the Annex or perhaps you’re an office manager that recently booked a 10 hour-daily clean for the office in North York. Regardless of the location, you will always receive notifications when the cleaner enters and leaves the location, giving you peace of mind and trust in the iRestify platform.

We Can Help With Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year which means that new resolutions are designed to help you eliminate unhealthy habits while implementing healthy habits and routines. Each year, many Torontonians opt to declutter their homes, become more organized and generally become more tidy. At iRestify, we can help you on this path by removing clutter and junk from your home, while giving you that fresh start you’ve always wanted. It’s a win-win!