April 25, 2017
5 Reasons Toronto Realtors Use iRestify for Property Management Spaces
Since iRestify’s launch, co-founder Charlotte Gummesson has been eagerly listening to customers’ feedback in an effort to improve the platform. Since then, we have built several cool features, such as the ability to book a last minute clean or post renovation cleaning options. With iRestify, you’re always just a few clicks away from a clean space and we listen to your feedback all of the time, making sure we help you rest easy! After attending an open house, Charlotte noticed the amount of foot traffic that goes in and out of a home. She spoke to several real estate insiders who stressed the need for a service that could cater to the industry 24/7, 365.
That’s how the iRestify realtor portal was born!
 From the pre-listing to the closing stage, iRestify is with realtors every step of the way, making sure that spaces are clean and ultimately, adding value to the home. Here are five reasons why Charlotte from iRestify is helping realtors to get their clients’ homes sold:​

1) A cleaning service adds value to a home

A cleaning service adds value to the home, particularly a deep clean. A deep clean is a more intricate clean designed to tackle areas most people would skip. When presenting homes on the real estate market, potential clients look for any aspects that could increase or decrease the valuation of the home. For example, during deep cleans, iRestify moves small appliances to clean underneath these areas, and tackle things like: radiators and interior window frames. These are all aspects of the location that will be viewed and you want to make sure you always add to the valuation of the home, which is what a cleaning service can help you accomplish!
2) Realtors Understand that A Cleaning Service Can Help Their Branding
Realtors are like small business owners in the sense that they are in control of their own branding and business. Often times, realtors use our service because it can help leverage their business into more potential clients. For example, you provide a client with a complimentary move-in clean after a real estate transaction. This client may be blown away by the level of service and will refer you to their family and friends. Toronto realtors are using iRestify as a cleaning service that leaves a lasting impression on their clients and oftentimes, this means that realtors can gain an increase in referrals.
3) Cleaning Services Increase Quality and Standards in The Red-Hot Real Estate Market

By now we’ve all heard a lot about the red-hot Toronto real estate market but let’s look at some numbers. According to TREB, the average selling price in Toronto was up 33.2% when comparing March 2016 or March 2017. A lot of this can be contributed to Toronto’s supply, or lack of supply to meet the increasing demand of home-buyers and population growth. With the lack of supply comes an increase in competition, in a red-hot competitive market as-is. Realtors are now using services like iRestify, to increase their quality and standards of their service, in an effort to differentiate from the competition. In other words, Toronto realtors understand that competitive advantage is needed when working in a competitive market, and using services like iRestify helps realtors stand out from the competition.
4) iRestify Saves Time
iRestify is designed to decrease the amount of time it takes to obtain cleaning services. There are no estimates, multiple phone calls or contracts as the online booking solution is a simplified, transparent process that takes just minutes to get a cleaning service for any date or time. Realtors that often have to deal with multiple listings, are using iRestify because it saves times. They can add multiple service addresses for each of their listings through the customer dashboard and schedule every clean ahead of time. Cleaning supplies are also provided for each and every real estate clean which enhances this easy-to-use online booking portal.
5) iRestify Caters To The Real Estate Market
iRestify built the real estate portal because we understand the nature of the ever changing real estate landscape. Realtors do not work standard 9-5 hours and neither does iRestify. We are operational 24-7, 365 because iRestify understands the hectic nature of the industry. Yes, service experts are available to clean on the weekends. Yes, we are able to handle last minute cleaning requests. Lastly, when you book a cleaning service with iRestify, you will be matched with a real estate cleaning expert. That means the service expert is vetted to clean real estate locations so that you can rest easy.
To book a real estate clean, please click this link: iRestify Real Estate Portal