November 22, 2016
5 Reasons Why You Should Get iRestify’s Daily Housekeeping Services


When it comes to cleaning, most of our customers select our weekly service for their Toronto home or office but did you know that we also have a daily housekeeping service. During Monday to Friday, a cleaning service expert could visit your Toronto condo, townhouse, or single family home for three hours per day to give you that luxurious clean place that you often dream about. That means for 15 hours per week, our Toronto daily housekeeping service could help brighten your world. Here are 5 major reasons as to why you may be missing out on this popular service offered by iRestify.

First Impressions Are Everything

When you purchase iRestify’s daily housekeeping service, you’re essentially giving everyone the best possible first impression of yourself. Whether it’s a date, your family or your friends, they’d certainly be impressed by the fact that you have have a clean house, daily. A clean bed, washed floors, garbage removal and a general tidy up which occurs daily is the best way to impress anyone in your life.

Minimize the Mess

While all kids are adorable, cute, and funny, they also can create something akin to a messy factory. As parents, you probably have a hectic schedule trying to manage the work-life balance and with our daily housekeeping service, your life could be a bit more balanced. A general clean space after a long hard day means that you never have to worry about cleaning and the mess that your kids may generate will always be cleaned up, daily. Let us handle it!

Science is on your Side

Researchers estimate that the majority of dust, germs, and bacteria comes from the skin we shed which inevitably ends up on our bed sheets. These scientists also claim that even cleaning your sheets once a week will not get rid of all the dust mites on these items. However, if you were to purchase iRestify’s daily housekeeping service then you would be getting fresh, clean sheets, daily. This means that you never have to worry about dust mites or bacteria while you rest. Scientists would definitely be proud at you for your ability to combat dust mites if you were to purchase our housekeeping service.

We Do Your Chores

While we at iRestify enjoy cleaning, we understand that it simply isn’t for everyone. Others view cleaning as a daunting chore and they often procrastinate when it comes to cleaning. However, if you purchase iRestify’s daily housekeeping service, for 15 hours per week, we’re taking care of the majority of your chores. This luxurious feeling is one that will definitely improve your mood, well-being and more!

More Reasons To Smile

Imagine if every day you never had to worry about making your bed, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or scrubbing the counter tops because it was all done for you. Surely, this could put a smile on your face. When you get our daily housekeeping service, you’re getting that smile on your face, daily. For 15 hours a week, we take care of everything to do with cleaning your household which means that you could spend extra time with the family, work on that project or socialize with your friends more frequently. We always give you more reasons to smile!

To purchase our daily housekeeping service, please visit this link. Click, book, and rest easy!