March 9, 2017
5 Things You Should Know About Post Construction Cleaning for Property Management Cleaning


If you have ever completed a major renovation in your residence then you probably know all about the mess that a major construction could cause on your poroperty management. Whether it’s a complete construction or just one room in a turnover state such as the bathroom or kitchen, dust and debris seemingly spreads to all areas of the house. Here are five things you should know when it comes to post reno cleans. Enjoy!

1) Post Construction cleans take considerably longer than regular cleans

The most common element in all post-renovation homes is the dust factor. Whenever you’re doing a major renovation in the home, dust is always a problem. Luckily, our service experts have a lot of experience when it comes to cleaning homes and they know the most efficient solution to cleaning dust from the home. Post reno cleans take considerably longer than regular cleans because cleaning experts often have to re-clean the area multiple times due to this dust factor. Always book extra time when selecting a post renovation clean because areas need to be cleaned multiple times.

2) Post-construction cleans are not limited to a specific area

Let’s assume for a minute that you  just had your bathroom re-done and you’re looking for a cleaning service that could take care of the bathroom area. Believe it or not, the whole house should be cleaned. With the foot traffic created by the contractors, along with the idea that dust cannot be contained to a specific room; the entire space should be deep cleaned. Dust travels at a rapid pace all over the home and the last thing you want to be doing is to be breathing in this dust which can cause health complications. It’s better to be on the safe side and select a one time deep clean option for the whole location after the construction is complete. Note, it is recommended that you book regular cleans after the post renovation service to ensure that dust is cleaned regularly. 

3) Regular Solutions Rarely Work When It Comes To Post Renovation Cleaning

Any major renovation requires a major cleaning solution. Unfortunately, even the best vinegar-based cleaning solutions or your reliable Swiffer will not work when it comes to a major clean. It’s always best to use a cleaning service that has experience in post reno cleaning such as iRestify because we can ensure that the dust and all other elements will be cleaned in an efficient and effective manner.

4) Post Renovation Cleans Should Always Be Completed After All Construction Is Fully Complete  

It’s always good to remember that post renovation cleans should be completed after all the construction is complete. You may feel that because all the major work has been complete and only minor details are left, a cleaning is required but it’s better to wait until the contractors are completely finished with the job. Even the smallest of jobs can create a mess and we always recommend that contractors completely finish the job before we start the service to ensure that there are no issues with dust.

5) The Most Effective Way To Tackle A Post-Construction Location To Hire A Cleaning Expert

At iRestify, we have experienced service experts who have cleaned countless post-renovation locations and understand that there is no shortcuts when dealing with these specific post reno cleans. Service experts on the iRestify platform understand exactly how to make these areas clean and can indeed make just about any location look and feel spotless. To find out more about post construction cleaning, please check us out!