February 10, 2017
5 Cleaning Products to Avoid For Any Property Manager

It’s Friday afternoon which means that majority of us are browsing Buzzfeed, finding funny memes and browsing animal pictures on Instagram. Here are five wacky cleaning products that are bound to put a smile on your faces. Enjoy!

1) The Mop Slippers 



Please don’t try this at home, we understand how tempting this may be, but we cannot confirm it will clean your home efficiently, though this may just be an awesome fashion trend that is about to take off!

2) The Microfiber Tie


Okay this is a really neat idea, the tie that cleans your smartphone. However, do you really want to be wearing something you just used to clean bacteria off your iPhone, Android or Samsung?

3) The Baby-Mop



While this neat outfit makes for an awesome Halloween costume, using your child as a mop is not recommended by iRestify! (Though it makes for cute Instagram photos that will definitely get you 100 likes)

4) The Remote Control Mop 


Okay this one is pretty awesome! They finally figured out a way to get gaming enthusiasts (gamers) to clean. This gadget will have your kids eager to clean the house in no time, while you relax on the sofa!

5) The Sweep and Scoop Shoe Clips 



As you can already see, this is just a disaster waiting to happen. This gag gift designed for anyone who hates scooping dust will only make the place more messy!  (Though we must admit it is kind of cool!)