December 6, 2016
7 Reasons To Use iRestify For Your Office or Business Holiday Party

Yesterday, we spoke about why iRestify should clean your space for this Holiday Season but we haven’t forgotten about the many Toronto offices and businesses that may need our services this time of year. Yes, party planning committee, office managers and small startups, this blog post is just for you! Here are the seven reasons you should use iRestify to clean before and after your office or business holiday party!

Keep Santa Happy

Yes, Santa cares about the cleanliness of your office just as much he cares about the cleanliness of your space. You definitely do not want to end up on the naughty list and you could avoid this by using iRestify to clean your Toronto office or business. What if Santa knew that you were working and partying in a cluttered, untidy location? He certainly wouldn’t be happy and we’re trying to do everything to get on his good side, therefore keeping Santa happy should also be your number one priority.


Step Out of the Ordinary Routine

A lot of Toronto startups usually host the annual Holiday Party at the office or business location. These parties tend to involve great food, drinks, and dancing. People like to dress up, dance and step out of their ordinary daily routines at these office and business parties. A professional clean will definitely help everyone feel a bit more happy and why not make things feel brand new for a change?

Impress Your Staff

If you’re on the party planning committee or an office manager in charge of all the Holiday Party decisions, then you know that your goal is to impress the staff. By using iRestify to clean your office or business location before and after the Holiday Party, you can rest assured, your staff will definitely be impressed!


We Will Do Your Chores

While plenty of Toronto office and business holiday parties offer a great time, these great times usually means chores for everyone after the party is complete. Luckily, a service like iRestify exists. Let us handle all of your chores so that you and your staff could have a much-needed break.

Your Clients Will Be Impressed

Every office party usually involves several clients of the company that everyone is familiar with. These clients mean a lot to every business and during this Holiday Season, you could leave a lasting impression on them by using iRestify to clean your office. This lasting impression could just lead to more business!

Dance in a Clean Environment

While we admit, Dirty Dancing was a great movie, no one actually likes to dance in dusty, dirty dance floors. The makeshift dance floor during your Holiday Party is a time of coming together. Maybe your office is considered a young Toronto startup that will blast all the latest Taylor Swift tracks. Perhaps your office prefers 90s hits like a Macarena, whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that we will leave your dance floor spotless!

Your Property Management Business Deserves it

With the year winding down, you and your colleagues have worked hard all year. You all deserve a professionally cleaned environment where most of the team spends 40 hours of their week. This is exactly the way you want to start off the new year, in a professional, clean environment. Not only are we great at cleaning the dance floor, but we’ll help remove clutter, debris, and even clean the hard to reach places. Your business, your team and YOU simply deserve it!