November 18, 2016
7 Smart Ways To Get Rid Of Dust


Dust is a problem in just about every household because it feels like no matter how much you scrub, mop, sweep or clean, dust always finds a way back into the home within a matter of days. The world is just a dusty place! NASA tells us that a lot of dust comes from space, which dumps tonnes of dust on the earth each year. At iRestify, we pride ourselves in being fantastic cleaning experts but we cannot even provide ways to eliminate dust forever. However, there are ways to keep dust at a minimum. You may find that your Toronto condo, office, or house accumulates dust more often than it should and if that is the case, we have seven solutions for you! Here are 7 ways to get rid of dust. Enjoy!

1. Change Your Sheets Often

We might not like to admit it, however, we as humans are responsible for a lot of the dust in our household. As our skin sheds, dust mites accumulate particularly in areas where we rest for a long time. The average human sleeps for eight hours a day which means that during this time period, dust mites are accumulating (at a rapid pace) on your pillow, sheets, and mattress. One way to ensure that you’re keeping dust at a minimum is to change the sheets once a week. This includes any fitted sheets, pillowcases, body pillows and more.

2.  Organize Your Closets 

You’d be surprised at how much our clothes contributes to dust accumulation. Clothes, towels, and rags all shed fibers and there’s very little you can do about it. It would be great if you could tell you clothes to stop shedding but unfortunately, we just have to live with it. With that said, organizing your closets can definitely keep dust at a minimum. Put the clothes you don’t frequently use in storage bins as this compacted system will keep all the fibers in a close and confined space.

3. Use the Right Cleaning Supplies 

If you aren’t using the right cleaning supplies then you may actually be contributing to your dust problem. iRestify cleaning experts suggest using slightly damp cleaning materials (like a Swiffer) which collect dust, as opposed to a straw broom which is known to just move dust around. To eliminate dust in the most efficient way, the cleaning tool should capture the dust which is why damp materials are better for dust collection.

4. Change Your Air Filter 

If you live in a house and you start to notice that your place is accumulating dust at a quicker-than-usual pace, then it may be time to change the furnace filter. No furnace filter will completely eliminate the dust in your home, however, they can definitely reduce the amount dust in your home. Note, fiberglass filters are fairly popular, however, studies have shown that this material only traps large dust particles. Pleated filters trap both dust and pollen, which is great for anyone who suffers from dust allergies.

5. Declutter Your Space 

When it comes to dust, particles love items like electronics. The more objects you have in any particular space means that there will be more dust. We’re not suggesting to completely get rid of everything in the space and adopt a minimalist lifestyle, however, it may be good to declutter a space that tends to accumulate dust. That means re-organizing areas and getting rid of items you no longer need (like a VCR player)!

6. Get a Deep Clean

If your home is dustier than usual, that may mean time for a deep clean. At iRestify, we recommend deep cleans once every four months which will certainly keep dust at a minimum. Our service experts, who perform deep cleans often will enter the space, and thoroughly clean the area. That means moving small appliances, cleaning hard-to-reach areas,cleaning under the sink, picture frames, closets, c areas underneath furniture and more! To find more about our deep cleaning services, please visit us at

7. Take it Outside 

If you have large rugs or items that accumulate dust, it may be best to clean it outside. That means taking the rug outside and giving it a hard smack! When trying to eliminate dust, it’s always best to clean the largest objects outside, as these dust particles will no longer circulate inside your home!