November 14, 2016
8 Myths About Cleaning And Cleaning Products


Cleaning is often considered to be a “hot” topic as people are always wondering about the best ways to clean an object or item. Cleaning hacks are always a big topic as we are always seeking a quick and easy solution to removing stains from clothing or furniture in seconds. Whatever the case may be, when you talk about cleaning, everyone seems to have an opinion on how frequently one should clean or how efficient one could be while cleaning. Cleaning always seems to ignite a discussion or debate around the family dinner table and today we present 8 common misconceptions about cleaning and cleaning supplies. Enjoy!

Myth: Do Not Clean Your Ears With Q-Tips

A common misconception that many people seem to have is the idea that Q-Tips are great for cleaning ears. Wrong, Q-Tips are advertised as having many uses but the most common use for Q-Tips is that it helps apply makeup. Doctors warn, you should never clean your ears with Q-Tips and at iRestify, the cleaning experts, we follow the doctor’s advice!

Myth: Hand washing Dishes Is Better Than Using The Dishwasher

For anyone without a dishwasher, it’s common to hear about the great benefits of handwashing dishes however, a dishwasher simply is better when it comes to washing dishes. Dishwashers save on the water bill and automatically sanitize dishes. Not to mention, those with dishwashers save approximately 230 hours per year. Who knew?

Myth: Bleach Removes Everything

A common myth in the cleaning industry is that bleach removes everything. Make no mistake about it, bleach is great when you need to remove stains and get rid of bacteria, however, it cannot remove soil from an area. It’s best to look at bleach like a sanitizing product as opposed to a cleaning product.

Myth: Cleaning Solutions Work Instantly

Cleaning solutions that promise to remove germs and bacteria actually do the job, they just take a while. It’s best to always follow instructions when applying cleaning products to just about anywhere. Most cleaning solutions must be applied and set for approximately two minutes before it does the trick. Always follow instructions!

Myth: Citrus Peels Remove Odours From the Garbage Disposal

Many people believe that adding citrus peels to the garbage disposal will help get rid of that unwanted smell, however, this is a myth. Citrus peels can clog the disposal and will not remove the odour, try using a few teaspoons of vinegar, instead!

Myth: Vacuums Are Harmful to Carpets

Some believe that vacuums do more harm than good in the sense that all the stretching, pulling, and brushing that a vacuum does is actually harmful to your carpet. This is a myth. Humans put more wear and tear on a carpet than vacuums could ever accomplish. While it is possible to stretch out your carpet after years of use, vacuums are perfectly safe for your carpets.

Myth: Coffee Grounds Are The Best Way To Remove A Clog

Coffee grounds are known to unclog pipes but there’s a risk here that coffee grounds may worsen the clog on your pipe. The best way to remove a clogged pipe is to pour several teaspoons of baking powder down the pipe; it’s a cleaner and safer solution than coffee grounds.

Myth: Hairsprays Will Remove Any Stain

Years ago, hairspray was considered a stain remover because its active ingredient alcohol could remove just about any stain. However, these days most hair products have considerably less alcohol, or come in alcohol-free bottles which makes hairspray virtually useless when it comes to removing stains. For ink stains, rubbing alcohol will work well!