January 18, 2017
8 Ways Technology Is Changing The Cleaning and Property Management Industry


Just a few years ago, water, a broom, and dish soap was used to virtually clean everything. There were brooms with bristles that were sturdy enough to get the job done, and universally these were the most recognized cleaning supplies. Before the internet, finding a cleaning service was a daunting task as most cleaning services grew their brands by word of mouth and flyers. This was before the era of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Adwords which all provided unique advertising platforms for virtually any business. Technology has definitely changed the landscape of just about any business. We no longer live in the Fred Flintstone area and it’s a very real possibility that in a few decades, some of the most popular cleaning supplies could become obsolete. Yes, that means the days of the broom, mop, and dish soap is coming to an end. Here are the ten ways that technology is changing the cleaning industry.

  1. Research on Cleaning Companies Are Consistently Growing

Statistics show that when people shop for anything these days, they first conduct their own research. In the old days, finding cleaning services were primarily done through word of mouth. In 2017, there are multiple outlets online that make the process simpler. Let’s assume you were looking for a cleaning service and wanted to research ten cleaning services. With review sites such as Yelp, HomeStars, TrustedPros, and Google Reviews, the research could be completed in just minutes. These reviews paint the picture as to how reliable these services can be, along with pricing, rates, and other aspects that you may be considering. Through online reviews, the word-of-mouth aspect to cleaning is diminishing. All the information is readily available from your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

  2.  Online Booking Solutions Make Cleaning Simpler  

Traditionally, before the internet, finding a cleaning service was a time consuming task. Consumers would grab the phone book, call multiple cleaning companies, have them quote the space and then came a lengthy, drawn out negotiation process. Online booking solutions like iRestify exist because they eliminate multiple steps. Let’s say you have a Queen St. condo with a size of 900 square feet. By using an online booking solution like iRestify, you can see the pricing and get a cleaning expert to clean your location anytime you want. This transparent process which involves no long term commitment or contracts is growing, not just in the cleaning industry but the travel industry, car service industry, hospitality industry and more. Booking online has never been easier and it’s rapidly creating a more transparent process within the industry.

3. Robots Are Here To Stay

If you grew up watching the Jetsons like we did, then you’ll understand how everything in that show appeared to be mythical, magical and totally unrealistic. Well it’s 2017 and with each passing day, we enter a world that is seemingly getting closer to that of the Jetsons. Take a look at some of these cool gadgets or read our piece about some of the best gadgets for your home or office. Think of these high-tech cleaning products as safer and more environmentally friendly than the traditional supplies. A lot of the cleaning supplies that are hitting the market today come with advanced filtration systems, clean better than traditional supplies and essentially do a better job than a mop, broom, sponge and duster. These high-tech cleaning objects are paving the way for a more green and environmentally friendly approach when it comes to cleaning.


4. Technology Means Everything Pertaining To A Clean is Recorded   

One of the cool features of online booking solutions and platforms such as iRestify is that everything is recorded and documented. Before the internet, everything was distributed by word of mouth, fax, carrier pigeons or sticky notes (which we still use and love!)  Let’s say you hired a cleaning service but really wanted the cleaners to focus on the microwave, you’d have to physically tell the cleaning service which would then get passed to the cleaner via spoken word. This incredibly inefficient way is just another form of playing broken telephone. Today, you can log onto your own personal dashboard with a cleaning service like iRestify, leave a note in the dashboard detailing any specific areas that may need extra work and the cleaning expert has this information available to them 24/7. It’s an incredibly efficient way of making sure the customer’s needs and wants are always met.

5. Technology is Raising the Trust Factor When It Comes To Cleaning  

One of the most unique features of a technological giant such as Uber is the fact that it comes with a built in validation system. Users are required to rate their driver based on the service provided before ever getting a new driver. Much like Uber, online platforms such as iRestify have built-in rating systems that allow you, the consumer, to make your voice heard. Before this age of technology, if you were satisfied or dissatisfied with your service, there was no way of getting the message across to other potential users. Today, these built in validation systems are giving the right cleaning services more trust, authority and credibility which is a fantastic aspect!

6. Trust is Earned Not Given in This Technological Era When it Comes To Cleaning

In the Fred Flintstone era of cleaning, the service was almost always based on assumptions. Let’s assume you own a restaurant and you need a daily clean of six hours from midnight to 6am. Unless you’re checking the security cameras on a daily basis, are you sure that the cleaner has been there for the allocated time and provided the service you have been paying for? In this technological era we live in, notifications are now sent out from the moment the cleaner arrives at the location to the minute they finish the job. This system eliminates any assumptions pertaining to the cleaning service provided and ensures that you, the consumer, are getting the service you paid for.

7. Technology is making cleaning safer

In the time before the internet, homemade cleaning solutions were constantly being made and distributed and no one really understood the negative health consequences of these products. Mixing chemicals together is never a good idea as they can create a combustible or corrosive solution that could create a nightmare. Luckily, in today’s day and age, apps such as GoodGuide exists which lets the cleaning expert and consumer become aware of the cleaning products located in the house, condo, office, or business.  

8.  Technology has made us become aware of the health benefits of cleaning

In the old days, before the internet, Snapchat, Instagram and other countless social media channels, cleaning was viewed as a daunting chore that wasn’t necessary. In the past, we have highlighted the detrimental effects of dust, dust mites, and how a clean and decluttered work or home space can have a direct impact on your mood, productivity, and overall psychological state. Having a clean office, business and home is essential which is why services like iRestify exist because we do the work for you! 

Make no mistake about it, technology is changing the cleaning industry at a rapid pace and it’s making the industry more safer, transparent, and ensuring that the customer’s needs and wants are always the number one priority. Robots are replacing brooms, mops and vacuums and thanks to apps such as GoodGuide, cleaning experts and customers can now become aware of the products that they are using. Technology is making an entire industry more efficient, effective and safer for everyone involved and we’re proud to be a part of this ever growing technological era.