February 9, 2017
A Closer Look At Toronto Through Statistics Canada


While we usually discuss cleaning products, the startup culture or the positive effects of cleaning, today we’d like to talk about Toronto. Data enthusiasts like ourselves were eagerly awaiting the results from the first census data which was released yesterday. As opposed to having you read the long report, we summarized the key points to depict what it means for Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and Canada as a whole. Enjoy!

  • Canada has grown by five percent since 2011.

Canada’s population in 2016 was 35,151,728, which is considerably larger than the population during the 2011 census. This means that there are a lot more homes, businesses and offices to clean, and a lot a lot more service experts that are available to clean these beautiful Canadian spaces!

  • The City of Toronto grew by 116, 511 people over the last five years.

Toronto has also seen a significant increase when looking at the last five years. More people now live in the city than ever before, as it is estimated that 2, 731, 571 now live in Toronto and that’s a pretty big number. It totally explains why there are so many cranes in the sky as more and more people are gravitating towards the city and looking for convenient ways to work, travel and play. This also means that iRestify will be very busy in the future making sure these Torontonians are covered when it comes to all of their cleaning needs!

  • 8 percent of all Canadians now live in Toronto

While all three major Toronto sports teams (Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Blue Jays) have steadily increased their performances over the last few years, eight percent of Canada now understands what it means to not win a professional sports championship since 1993. Yes, 8 percent of all Canadians now live in Toronto and are probably planning the Stanley Cup parade!

  • Brampton grew 13.3% in the last five years

Forget about Toronto for a second, the Greater Toronto Area is red hot. Brampton grew 13.3% over the last five years and now has a population of 593, 638. To put this in perspective, Brampton is now larger than the entire Kitchener-Waterloo area and is steadily expected to increase in population. Luckily, cleaning services like iRestify exists to clean the busy Brampton region.

As these statistics show, Toronto and Canada are both growing at rapid paces. 66% of the population is a result of immigration while 33% is a result of Canadians having more kids. 83% of all Canadians live in an urban area while just 17% of Canadians live in rural areas. What do these numbers tell us? More places need to be cleaned now more than ever!
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