January 16, 2017
A Guide To Removing The Toughest Stains
stainremoval Happy Monday, or happy blue Monday for everyone who subscribes to the theory. For those of you who don’t know, blue Monday is reportedly the most depressing day of the year which started from a gimmick by a travel company in 2005. Since then, the third Monday of each January is considered to be the toughest day of the year. Scientists refute this idea, calling it nonsense while the internet has other ideas. Today you can find blue monday parties, merchandise, books and more. Blue Monday will soon be celebrated like Boxing Day, Cyber Monday or Black Friday. Just in case you were one of those people who was feeling a bit down today, we deliver the ultimate guide to removing the hardest stains. There’s nothing worse than feeling down only to realize that one of your favourite shirts has a curry stain. Have no fear, we’re experts here at iRestify which is why we combine our years of cleaning experience to show you the easiest way to remove the toughest stains.   The Curry Stain   While curry itself is absolutely delicious, we all know how difficult removing a curry stain can be. The toughest laundry detergent seemingly has no success against curry which is why some people refuse to eat it at work under the belief that the stain can be detrimental to their workday. If you’re looking to get rid of a curry stain on your favourite shirt or blouse then you will need three things: water, soap, and vinegar. Take one tablespoon of dishwashing soap, mix it one tablespoon of white vinegar and dump it in two cups of warm water. Stir and apply to the curry stain, it should be removed in no-time. While this solution seems to work 99% of the time, it really depends on the fabric that you’re working with therefore don’t be surprised if you still require a trip to the dry cleaners after a tough curry stain refused to disappear.   The Ink on Carpet Stain   Ink is always a tricky situation and when dealing with ink as it’s hard to predict how long it will take before the stain is completely removed. Let’s assume that you’re in your Toronto condo, having a fantastic day then all of a sudden, your pen bursts and ink lands all over the carpet. Who knew that spilled milk might actually save you? Mix milk with cornstarch until it becomes a paste-like substance and apply it to the stain. Let it dry for a few hours and you should be good to go.   Wet Ink Stains   Unlike spilling ink on the carpet which can take up to 12 hours before all of the ink gets removed, wet ink is a bit different and hopefully easier to remove. When dealing with ink that hasn’t tried yet on a hard surface, what you want to do is apply salt to the ink. The salt, in theory, should soak up the wet ink. Simply apply salt to the ink and let it sit for a few hours, brush away and keep applying salt until the ink has been removed.   General House Stains   If you’re a cleaning enthusiast like us, then chances are that you like your home spotless. If you’ve been trying to get these general stains all over the home to disappear then the answer may be in the refrigerator. Lemon juice works a lot like bleach in the sense that it could be a great bleaching agent for clothes, and remove general stains around the house. The acid found in lemonade and vinegar does a fantastic job at cutting through general stains when Tide or magic erasers don’t work. General house stains do not require tough stain removal solutions such as milk, cornstarch, salt, or dish soap, just a few drops of lemon juice and a long, hard scrub should eliminate any stain in the house.   Removing Water Stains and Water Rings   Water stains in the shower can also be tricky to remove but in most cases, vinegar should do the job just fine. Apply vinegar and soap to any water stain and in a matter of minutes, they should disappear. When dealing with water stains, it’s important to remember that the stain doesn’t matter as much as the surface when it comes to removing them! For example, the solution provided above will work excellent on tiles, however will have no effect on leather. When trying to get those annoying weather rings off the leather sofa, vaseline will work better than almost any other stain removal solution. Simply apply vaseline to the rings located on the leather and scrub, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and you should be good to go. Stains can be tricky however in this blog, we gave you a good head start when it comes to removing them before they become bigger and more annoying. While vinegar will work in most cases, lemon-juice is just as effective when it comes to getting rid of pesky stains. For water rings, vaseline is a proven solution designed at removing stains on leather as quickly as ten minutes. If you have recently spilled ink and the ink is still wet, salt will work wonders. On dry ink stains on let’s say the carpet, you will need a bit of milk, cornstarch, and just a wee bit of hope! We hope you enjoyed the iRestify stain removal guide and we hope that you all have a warm and sunny blue Monday!