December 8, 2016
AMA Toronto and iRestify


Part of our mission is to help other startups like ourselves. In the Toronto tech community, developers and marketing directors work around the clock trying to constantly improve your user experience. The American Marketing Association – Toronto Chapter, recently sat down with us to find out some tips and tricks to growing your audience. If you love technology, marketing, growth hacking, or maybe you’re trying to grow your small business then this blog is perfect for you. Here are some things you should expect with a good content strategy.

Bigger Reach 

From a marketing standpoint, it’s imperative to always grow your audience. Your goal should always be to have a bigger audience each week in an effort grow your traffic and expand your campaigns. A good marketing strategy involves thinking outside of the box and creating content that is not only great for your audience, but could be shared with other target groups.

Increase Your SEO 

A solid content marketing strategy will place Google, Bing and Yahoo on your side. Search engines recognize good, unique content and they value it higher than standard content. Good content will make the search engines recognize the quality of your work and you should expect increased rankings on all search engines.

Better Leads 

A good content strategy will always help drive more qualified leads. Remember that good content draws media that you haven’t paid for, therefore they’re arriving on your site because they’re interested in your content or service. Better leads come with a good content strategy, though it does not happen overnight!

Build Credibility  

As startups, one of the top priorities is to build credibility and trust in an effort to become an authoritative source. A good content strategy will help position your brand as a credible resource. This is imperative as you grow as a startup, ensuring that you always have credibility.

Stand Out from the Competition 

According to statistics, there are 27 million pieces of content that gets shared on the internet on a daily basis, not to mention that there are three billion searches online per day. Unique content will help you stand out from the crowd and expect your pieces to be shared frequently with a good content strategy.

To read more about the tips we shared with AMA Toronto, please visit this link!