April 7, 2020
Cleaning operator Camila leads her team to perform a rapid response to clean, disinfect and sanitize 10 multi-residential buildings.

“I’m proud that my team and I can provide peace of mind during this very stressful time” – says Camila, an iRestify cleaning operator. 

At iRestify we help property managers and building owners manage their cleaning services via their mobile device. Over the past few weeks, our clients have asked us to provide additional cleaning support. Our priority is to keep our communities clean and healthy.

Though most companies have been mandated to work from home, cleaning operators are on the front lines, helping to keep our cities safe. 

iRestify’s essential service operators are responsible for ensuring high traffic areas remain disinfected and sanitized constantly throughout the day.

For example, Camila’s team was part of a rapid response deployment during an emergency deep clean to disinfect and sanitize 10 buildings for a top property management company in Canada. The client was able to perform quality inspections on the 10 buildings via the iRestify app while working from home; The app also has image sharing and chatting features for quick and easy communication. Checklists can be uploaded from any device and GPS tracking with live alerts ensures property managers know when the work has been completed.  

Property managers serving multifamily communities are anxious to keep their residents safe. iRestify cleaning operators focus on the spaces that are high touch areas. These include doorknobs, elevator buttons, light switches, handrails, office equipment and package receiving areas such as the concierge desk. High-touch surfaces require cleaning and disinfection more frequently where the risk of contamination is higher than usual. Requests for services such as emergency deep cleans or additional disinfecting/sanitizing common spaces and high traffic areas have been more frequent. 

We salute cleaning operators like Camila and her team, essential service personnel on the front lines, who ensure that our communities stay as safe and healthy as possible during these turbulent times. 

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