COVID-19 Support.

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, iRestify has been at the front lines helping to keep our clients safe through our various services. We have also been providing free consultations so that our clients understand what further risks they can mitigate.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Services.

Disinfecting fogging: iRestify uses a hospital-grade disinfectant that kills 99,9% of viruses in the air. Our fogging services are eco-friendly and safe to use on all surfaces.

Deep cleaning: Start fresh with an iRestify signature deep clean. Our team of experts will clean and disinfect every nook and cranny in your buildings.

High touch areas enhanced service: We take care of disinfecting high touch surfaces several times a day with anti-microbial cleaning products.

Supply Management.

We support our clients in sourcing and managing supplies and consumables for them. We work hard with our suppliers to ensure that we negotiate the best prices for our clients.

Here are some examples of supplies we can manage: cleaning chemicals, paper towel microfiber, hospital grade disinfectant, hand sanitizer, other cleaning equipement.

Additional Assistance.


Peace of Mind: We have developed a QR Code system so anyone entering the location can scan and instantly understand what measures are being taken from a cleaning perspective

Engineering Controls: Based on our review, we are able to provide suggestions on ways to limit contact between people through physical or mechanical means. 

Assistance with PPE: We have been able to assist our clients with much needed PPE like masks and gloves

Checklist Review: We take the time to review your checklist to highlight areas that may need less attention and the “hot spots” that could be flashpoints for transmission

Assessment: We provide an overall assessment and suggestions and modifications to the cleaning regime

Product Recommendations: We also provide a list of products that may be of use like: Antimicrobial Stickers, Floor Stickers, Disinfectant Spray etc.

Best Practices: We also provide best practices and helpful tips to managing a space through the pandemic

Book a virtual meeting today.

Conduct a virtual tour of your facilities and get a customized cleaning and disinfecting plan for your building. If you are a current client and need additional information regarding our COVID-19 services please reach our to our client support at