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Join The iRestify Team
Welcome to iRestify - the shared economy online platform that connects service providers to home, office and business owners who are looking for cleaning services. iRestify connects cleaning experts with those seeking cleaning help in the Toronto and Greater Toronto area, and we are rapidly expanding into more regions in the near future. iRestify is currently the only online booking solution for businesses and offices who are seeking cleaning services and our service experts enjoy the many benefits that come with joining the team.
Benefits of Joining The iRestify Team:

  • All of the iRestify cleaning service experts are independant contractors. This means that when you join the iRestify team, you’re essentially your own boss and work for yourself!
  • Service experts choose their own hours, schedule, territory, and have the ability to accept as many jobs as they prefer; giving you full control to grow your own business within the iRestify platform.
  • iRestify’s service experts have plenty of options available. For example, if you prefer to clean only commercial locations, you have the option to do so. If you prefer to clean residential locations such as condos, townhomes or bungalows, you also have this option.
  • All service experts charge the platform competitive fees and the entire process is managed online making it a hassle-free environment.
  • The flexible and autonomous nature of the iRestify platform makes service experts their own entrepreneurs.

Are you a cleaning service provider looking to work your own hours, create your own schedule, choose which area you’d like to work in while charging competitive fees and building your business? Please register to join the iRestify team today!