Service Experts Help Desk


What if the client asks me to do something extra that will take longer or if the client asks me to stay above the allocated time?
If the client asks you to do something extra that was not included in the checklist, it’s okay, this might not take extra time, if it does, then you need to let us know if this extra task will be done moving forward. If the client asks you to stay longer than the contract stipulates you need to contact us by phone +1 (647) 696-5282  or by email right away in order to add it to the payment.


Can I leave early? Or do I need to stay at the location the whole time of the booking?
You need to adhere to the contract terms and remain on the premises.


The space looks like it has been cleaned already. What should I do?
You need to contact us by phone +1 (647) 696-5282  or by email immediately and we will inform you how to proceed.


What do I do if I need extra time?
You need to evaluate the situation as soon as you get inside the premises, if you think the time given is not enough, you need to inform us by writing an email to with pictures and an explanation describing why you need extra time. You can send your request for extra time at the beginning of the service or halfway through the cleaning. You can NOT request for extra time at the end of the service.


Can I take someone with me to help me with the cleaning?
Yes – If you have a subcontractor already registered on the platform. If the person is not registered in our system, you cannot take them to a service on the iRestify platform.


Does iRestify contact my subcontractors?
We do not reach out to your subcontractors with any payment, job related information or to offer them contracts. However, iRestify will contact your subcontractor directly if there is an urgent request from the client and we are unable to reach the lead contractor. 


What happens if I no longer want the cleaning contract?
There’s a last-minute cancelation fee for canceling in less than 72 hours.
As part of your agreement you need to give iRestify 2 weeks notice to find a replacement. If iRestify finds a replacement in less than 2 weeks, we will let you know.




Access to premises

What happens if I can’t access the premises?
You have to check notes in the booking, see if there’s a lockbox or access code. You need to call and text the client through the app explaining the situation. If there is no answer please call service at (647) 696-5282.

What happens if the client doesn’t answer the phone to let me in?
In case the client doesn’t answer the phone, you can text, or use the chat feature. Be aware you might have to wait up to 2 hours on-site, if there’s still no answer, you will contact us at or (647) 696-5282 as soon as possible. If the client reaches out after 2 hours, then you can do the service as scheduled and you will still get 2 extra hours if applicable.

Attire and branding

What type of attire should I wear while on the client’s premises?
Each client will have different requirements. In most cases, you will be required to rent an iRestify branded attire. We also require service experts to wear all black and the iRestify branded cloth mask where appropriate.


What type of cleaning supplies do I need?

Cleaning supplies Usage
All-Purpose Cleaner Clean surfaces
Glass Cleaner Clean glass and mirrors
Goo Gone Remove paint, oil, gum, grease
Stainless steel cleaner Clean stainless steel surfaces
Vim Cleaner Clean stainless steel, water marks, etc
Vacuum Remove dust and debris
Scouring pads (Green scrub) Scrubs tough marks / grease from floor/surfaces
Microfibre cloth Wipe surfaces
Paper towel Wipe surfaces
Lysol Wipes Wipe surfaces
Paint scraper (plastic) Remove paint
Squeegee Clean glass and mirrors
Brush Remove debris from tracks, etc
Sink / Tub brush Clean sink and tub
Step stool / Ladder Reach high areas
Mop and bucket Mop floor
High duster Dust high areas
Broom and dustpan Sweep floor
Degreaser Remove grease from kitchen if needed
Washroom cleaner Clean toilet
Toilet brush Clean toilet
Oven spray Remove oven stains
Bleach spray Remove mold

Where can I park?
Information about parking will be provided in the booking details. There is also a “P” icon located next to the “On my Way” button in your app that can provide assistance in finding parking. If you’ve already clicked “On my Way” you can also search on google maps free parking or use Parkopedia to find parking close to the client’s location. You are responsible for where you park your car, iRestify is not responsible for parking tickets. If you have to pay for parking because there’s nothing else available and you have been pre-approved by iRestify, send the parking receipt to the within 24 hours to be reimbursed.

Invoicing and payment

What if I don’t receive my invoice on Wednesdays?
You can contact the accounting department via

What if I don’t receive my payment on Friday?
Sometimes the payment might get done on Friday morning or afternoon, which means you might receive the payment on Saturday.

What if the invoice sent to me is missing any payment or is incorrect?
You can contact the service department at


 What happens if I get sick or if I have an emergency?
If you are unable to attend to a contract comittement/the job that you’ve signed up for due to an emergency please contact us immediately at or (647) 696-5282 as soon as possible.

If you are a Lead Contractor and one of your subcontractors has an emergency and you need to switch who you are sending, you need to make sure the replacement is registered on the iRestify platform.

What happens if I am experiencing COVID symptoms or if I have been in contact with someone who is confirmed as having  COVID?

Please DO NOT go to the client’s premises and reach out to us at as soon as possible.