December 15, 2017
Holiday Cleaning Tips From Your iRestify Family

iRestify Santa

We’re back! We know we haven’t been blogging lately but all our time has been spent making Toronto clean. In case you missed it, we keep Ottawa clean as well and we’ll be adding more Canadian cities shortly. With that said, we are back to help you with the Holiday Cleaning – the most important time to clean during the year. In just a few days, the in-laws will be making their triumphant return. Just one problem….

This year, the kids showed them how to use Snapchat and Facebook Live to connect with their friends. This could potentially create a disaster. Just imagine, you have a minor stain on the rug. Now the relatives snapchatted the rug with a bright filter to highlight the stain. That’s not all, they used the caption: ew.

Let’s imagine this post goes viral and somehow makes it on the Ellen Degeneres show. Now 20,000,000 people can see the stain on your rug. You should avoid this at all costs, which is why you can book an on-demand cleaning service to take potential disaster away.

If you’re cleaning your space yourself, here are three places you will not want to miss when cleaning the place for guests this year:

The Mattress

Impress the guests this year by thoroughly cleaning the mattress in the guest bedroom. If you’re wondering how to clean a mattress. Here are some very helpful mattress cleaning tips that will certainly impress all your relatives.

The Mudroom

The mudroom is an integral part of the home. It’s the first space the guests will see. Most folks often forget about the mudroom but as we’ve stated before, first impressions lead to lasting impressions. It might be a great idea to keep the mudroom neat, organized, and tidy for when the guests arrived. Here are 22 pictures that will help you create that lasting first impression.

The Refrigerator

It’s the holiday season and the guests love eggnog. The guests will be opening the fridge multiple times throughout the course of the holiday and this is where you can really wow them. We’ve enlisted the help of our good friend, Martha Stewart, who delivers some excellent tips on how to properly clean a fridge.

Now that you have all these tips from these experts, you can really impress the guests and avoid being laughed at on social media. All jokes aside, we’d like to wish you a Happy Holiday and we hope you have a Happy New Year!

-The iRestify Cleaning Wizards