December 12, 2016
Holiday Wish List: 6 High Tech Cleaning Gadgets For The Holidays

As we continue to navigate through this Holiday Season, here comes the time where everyone is battling for mall parking spots, using online express delivery options and standing in lines for hours so that their kids could get a glimpse of Santa. When it comes to electronics, most people have smartphones or tablets on their list but how many of you have a customized robot vacuum that could clean your house without charging for six hours? Exactly. As cleaning enthusiasts, it’s important to highlight the many gadgets that could rock your world. Here are the six high-tech cleaning gadgets that should be on your wish list during this Holiday Season. Enjoy!


Invented in Japan, the Mopet is a cute vacuum that operates up to six hours without charging. What makes the Mopet cute? Well, it comes with a set of face stickers which means you could customize this high tech gadget to look like just about any cartoon character in the world. This gadget, priced at $125CAD comes with aroma trays as well to make your house smell nice and fresh this Holiday Season.



The UVe is a high-tech cleaning gadget that works as a disinfectant and promises to reach those places that cannot be seen with the human eye. The UVe doesn’t pick up dust or dirt but instead uses an infrared light to spray and disinfect areas such as the cutting board, counter tops, and floors. With a price tag of $117CAD, it’s an affordable gift that will certainly reduce germs and bacteria in your house.


For about $260CAD, you could find out everything you’re breathing. The Awair tracks chemicals, toxins, and other elements in the air and gives you personalized recommendations in an effort to be healthier and to sleep better. This gadget tells you exactly which areas you should clean and how to purify your air.

The Sanitizing Wand

If you worry often about germs and bacteria in your household then the sanitizing wand may be the best gift on your wishlist. At just under $80CAD, this wand uses UV-C light technology and creates no mess. Simply pass the wand alongside an area and within seconds, 99.9% of the bacteria, germs and other unwanted elements will be removed.

Good Grips Cleaning Brush

Listed at just over $6CAD, this gadget is ideal for cleaning your other electronic gadgets. The good grip cleaning brush cleans the hard to reach places on your computer screens, keyboards, tablets, smartphones and more.


Winbot W730 Window Cleaning Robot

The priciest item on this Holiday Season Wish List is the Winbot W730 Window Cleaning Robot, which costs approximately $525CAD. With two cleaning pads, you will never have to worry about cleaning your windows again. With just one touch of a button, this cleaning robot will make your windows spotless and it works well with both frames and frameless windows!