December 9, 2016
Interactive Cleaning Checklist: 5 Areas To Clean During the Holiday Season

We understand that it’s Friday but we’re really determined to get you ready for the holidays which is why today, we’re giving you chores. Now, if you don’t want to do chores, you could always use iRestify and we’ll handle everything for you! However, if you have guests coming over during this Holiday Season then you should definitely focus on these five areas. Here are the five areas you must clean during this festive time of the year. Enjoy!

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Guest Bedroom

We’ve previously mentioned that every time you sleep, your skin sheds onto your mattress which unfortunately creates a buffet-style meal for unwanted dust mites who thrive in the bedroom. If you love your guests, you should definitely clean the guest bedroom. That involves cleaning the floors, replacing the sheets, dusting any furniture and lighting those nice scented candles that put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Coffee Maker  

If you have guests coming over during the Holiday season, then chances are that the coffee maker will be put to frequent use. While cleaning the outside of the coffee maker is always a good idea, most folks often forget about the internal pipes which should also be cleaned frequently. For tips on the most effective way to clean the coffee maker, please check out this previous blog post.

The Entryway

The front entrance, also known as the entryway should also definitely be cleaned before the guests arrive. For starters, you always want to give your guests a good impression and secondly, this area may become a bit cluttered with shoes. Clean this area, try to declutter and remove anything that you consider to be non-essential and we promise that your guests will feel right at home.


Even though we’re still technically in the fall, it feels like winter in Toronto which means that the guests will be arriving with winter coats, scarves, mittens, sweaters and everything else that keeps us warm during these cold times. Your closets will be used during this Holiday Season and it’s best to clean them before the guests arrive!


Your guests (especially the in laws) will pay attention to the fine details during their stay at your home and to make sure you cover all bases, we recommend making sure that the cutlery is polished. The last thing you need is to hear about how your cutlery wasn’t shiny, therefore we recommend shining every last fork, knife, spoon and plate in an effort to please the guests. Or, use iRestify because you can rest assured that we will leave a lasting impression on your guests!

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