October 31, 2018
iRestify Cleaning Team Says “I Do”

Weddings are often the most memorable event in a couple’s life which is why it’s extremely important that everything goes according to plan during the wedding day, though that’s not always the case. iRestify works with several banquet halls and event centres and as everyone knows, it’s important to keep these spaces clean for someone’s special day.

Last weekend, an iRestify cleaning expert and one of her team members showed up to a banquet hall to clean the space between two weddings. The time was tight and it was important to get the job done during the short window. Only one problem: time.

Everyone was having a good time and the first wedding extended almost an hour into the allotted cleaning service, which meant that the cleaning team was going to be delayed an hour. This was setting up to be a disaster, the second wedding was facing no choice but to be delayed an hour, which would be a nightmare for both the venue and the second wedding.

However, one thing about iRestify, it’s that everyone associated with this company is a Superhero which is no different in this case.

The cleaning expert realized the importance of a wedding starting on time, having been married herself. She recognized that this was going to take a spectacular effort, one that calls for her to go above and beyond. This iRestify superhero wanted the other wedding to start on time so she called four of her other team members, none of which were scheduled to work and all of them enjoying their Sunday evenings with their families.

This incredible iRestify cleaning team all stepped up and said “I Do” when it came to cleaning the banquet hall on extremely short notice. This team of now six cleaning experts all went above and beyond allowing for the second wedding to start on time and in a freshly cleaned venue.