June 6, 2017
iRestify Sits Down With Founder of Shecoystem Emily Rose Antflick


We’re back bringing you another neat interview. This time, we sat down with the founder and Chief Community Cultivator of  Toronto’s premier co-working space Shecosystem, Emily Rose Antflick, spoke about her business, the importance of a cleaning service, and how a clean space has greatly benefited from iRestify. Enjoy!

Full disclosure: Shecoystem uses iRestify’s cleaning services on a recurring basis.

iRestify: Please tell us all about Shecosystem

Emily Rose Antflick: Shecosystem is a coworking and wellness space where women entrepreneurs thrive. We believe that self-care is good business strategy, so we’ve designed a workplace that helps our members bring wellness into the workday. With a growing membership of entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, holistic wellness practitioners and startups, Shecosystem offers a supportive community, an inspiring workplace and event venue, and workshops and resources that help people thrive in their personal and professional lives.

iRestify: Why is a clean space important to your business?

Emily Rose Antflick:  Shecosystem is a public-facing business and the aesthetic appeal of our space is one of the biggest draws. With 50 coworking members sharing a kitchen, meeting rooms that are booked by the hour, and a studio that could be used for an art workshop one day and a yoga class the next, things can get messy!

Not only do we want Shecosystem’s positive features to make a good first impression on visitors, but having a clean space is essential for our members to feel comfortable using the space on a regular basis. We also host many events at Shecosystem, and making sure the space is clean before and after ensures events run smoothly and that the space is ready for its everyday functions afterwards. It is essential in customer satisfaction and retention, and business growth.

iRestify: Have you noticed any impact at all on your business since you started using a cleaning service?

Emily Rose Antflick: With events happening after work hours, using a trusted cleaning service gives us peace of mind because we know that when our members arrive to work in the morning, the space will be back in working order no matter what happened here the night before. It also allows us to position Shecosystem as more of a full-service event venue. In other works, we can book out our space for catered events like launch parties and baby showers without having to ask the hosts to stick around afterwards and mop the floor!

iRestify: What would you say is the number one benefit to having a clean space?

Emily Rose Antflick: We recognize how much unpaid domestic labour falls on the shoulders of women even when they are working full-time or running their own businesses. As a feminist business, the last thing we want is for our members to also have to take on this responsibility at work. When you’re here, you can focus on your success; not on the dishes in the sink.

Another benefit to having a clean space is that it lets Shecosystem’s unique design to take center stage. The appearance of the space is often a deciding factor in clients booking events or buying memberships, and having a clean space lets them focus on Shecosystem’s selling points.

iRestify: Would you recommend a cleaning service to other businesses?

Emily Rose Antflick: Absolutely. As a solo founder, cleaning is the last thing I want to think about after a day of balancing operations, marketing, customer service, bookkeeping and all of the other hats I wear. iRestify lets me go home at a reasonable hour rather than spending my evenings tidying up. It’s a timesaver and a totally worthwhile investment.

I would recommend a cleaning service to any other client-facing businesses, especially for spaces that hold events. It takes the edge off hosting larger events because clean-up is a no-brainer, and leaves the space ready for the next event.

The iRestify team would like to thank Emily for giving us her time and if you would like to find out more about Shecosystem, please check out their fantastic website.