January 28, 2020
iRestify’s Business of the Month: December

iRestify would like to congratulate cleaning operator Fernando on receiving iRestify’s business of the Month award for December. Fernando, who started his cleaning business in 2017, has been a consistent 5-Star rated cleaning operator on the platform, has grown his business and has exceeded customer expectations.

We’d like to congratulate Fernando on winning this award, which comes with a pair of VIP Movie tickets and Dinner for two!

Below is a statement Fernando wanted to share with everyone:

Though I started my cleaning business in November 2017, I remember the difficulties associated with starting your own business. It’s very difficult to wear the many hats associated with owning your own cleaning business. For example, it was a struggle to be focused on marketing and operations at the same time for my cleaning business. The difficulties associated with owning my own cleaning business became alleviated in April 2018 when I joined the iRestify platform. Almost instantly, my business grew and has elevated since then. The cleaning operators that work on my team are committed as they also have witnessed our business growth over the last year. I would like to thank iRestify for winning the Business of the Month award. I feel extremely committed to iRestify and I’d like to thank the QA supervisors, the iRestify team and of course the customers who are pleasant to work with. Thank you once again!