December 20, 2019
iRestify’s Business of the Month: November

iRestify would like to congratulate cleaning operator Diego on receiving iRestify’s business of the Month award for November. Diego, who joined the platform after re-locating from Victoria, BC to Montreal, has been a consistent 5-Star rated cleaning operator on the platform, has grown his business and has exceeded customer expectations.

We’d like to congratulate Diego on winning this award, which comes with a pair of VIP Movie tickets and Dinner for two!

Below is a statement Diego wanted to share with everyone:

I joined iRestify just over a year ago and this was my first time ever on a platform like this. While researching iRestify, I learned that it was a highly respected company with many happy clients and this persuaded me to apply to do business on the platform. 

After moving from Victoria BC to Montreal, I was in a new city, with a new language, and a completely different culture than the one I knew on the west coast. After my application was successful, I started my first service in Montreal and have not stopped since.  Working in a business very close to the city center has given me the opportunity to interact with those from diverse cultures and those that speak multiple languages. For example, I interact with many kind folks that have been teaching me French. They’ve also pointed me in the direction of delicious french cuisine. 

I’d like to thank iRestify for giving me the opportunity to build my business around wonderful people, but they’ve also indirectly helped me learn a new language! 

– Diego