November 6, 2019
iRestify’s Business of the Month: October

iRestify would like to congratulate cleaning operator Beverley on receiving iRestify’s business of the Month award for October. Beverley has been a consistent 5-Star rated cleaning operator on the platform, has grown her business and has exceeded customer expectations throughout her time on the platform.

We’d like to congratulate Beverley on winning this award, which comes with a pair VIP Movie tickets and Dinner for two!

Below is a statement Beverley wanted to share with everyone:

“I joined iRestify on June 2018 while looking to expand my business as a
professional cleaner. iRestify was the first platform I joined and I must admit, I was a bit reluctant as this was new to me. However, I quickly learned that this platform was growing my business for me and through the technology I was able to save time. A big point for me was the rating system. The rating system motivated me as I know my company provides a 5-Star cleaning service; four stars is never good enough as I always believe in aiming for perfection.

As an experienced professional cleaning operator, this motivation led me to
become extremely detailed at my job and customer-oriented at the same time, I also love getting acknowledged for a job well done. As a 5-Star Cleaning Operator, I was also offered the opportunity to support iRestify as Quality Supervisor, helping other cleaning operators on the platform with their businesses. This aspect has helped me see my business differently and I’ve become an even better cleaning operator as, I learned many helpful tips and tricks of the trade from others.

I want to thank the wonderful staff at iRestify for always being there and helping me along the way. It has been fun meeting all the cleaners and staff at iRestify. I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future!”