June 24, 2020
Life Hack: How To Stay Organized Using Your Mobile Device

At iRestify we understand the challenges of staying organized when you are balancing several contracts and your personal life. In this article, we provide hacks and tips to stay organized using your phone by creating dynamic checklists and making the most out of your calendar app.

Although some prefer to write tasks on sticky notes, it’s better to use your phone as it’s almost always easily accessible. As modern trends point to less paper/pen/stationery, the Eco-friendly option is to use your phone as it’s the most efficient way of staying organized. 

When it comes to “daily checklist”, you can use different apps for this, like the notes app where you can create folders for different topics. For example, you can easily create a shopping list, every time you realize there’s something missing in the fridge, you can add it to the list.  Or every time you see the name of a movie or tv show that looks interesting to watch, you can add it to an entertainment folder. For errands, you can create a dynamic list that automatically makes items disappear as they are complete.

Calendars help us keep track of events. Your calendar can be your lifeline to keep things organized and you help you remember what you or someone that works for you should be doing. Here are some things that we suggest you use to the fullest advantage:

  • Colour Code: One tip that is extremely helpful is to use a colour code on your calendar and daily checklist on your phone. If you colour code events, it will be easier to find the information. For example, you can use different colours for doctor appointments or exams, family and friends meetings, routines like exercise or walking the dog, work-related meetings, classes schedule if you are a student, etc.  
  • Reminders: What you can do is set reminders to go off ahead of time so that your calendar doesn’t notify you at the exact time for important events. 
  • Notifications: Make sure that you set up your phone calendar with specific notifications to help keep yourself updated. These notifications can include the messages on your lock screen and specific noises for specific events
  • Sync your Calendar: Make sure that you can review your calendar on your phone and on your computer. That way regardless of where you are you’ll be able to stay on top of it.
  • “Out of Office”: use the out of office function in your calendar if you set business hours or even have the calendar respond automatically for you.
  • Share your Calendar: You can share your calendar with others so that they know when you are busy so that you don’t have people trying to meet or talk to you at the same time. 
  • Maps: Many calendar apps like Google and Apple have a map function that can assist you with directions and timing. This can be very helpful especially if you have appointments all across the city. 
  • Tasks: Add tasks to your calendar so that even if it’s part of your “to-do” list you are able to stay on top and not forget. 
  • Take a Break!: Don’t forget to take a break. The best way to do this is to schedule it for yourself!

We hope these tips help you in your daily routines!