April 3, 2020
Meet Adriana, Quality Assurance Inspector at iRestify

Meet Adriana, a Quality Assurance Inspector at iRestify. 

Adriana is committed to help combat COVID-19 by supporting our cleaning experts. As you know, cleaning and sanitization workers provide essential services that will help us flatten the curve and slow down the spread of COVID-19.  

Our iRestify cleaning crews found themselves unexpectedly at the forefront of this health crisis. Their safety is a priority for us as they are keeping tens of  thousands of building residents healthy, as well as continuing to support commercial locations that are required to stay open. This is why, although our cleaning operators are independent businesses, we are supporting them by providing care packages containing self-protective equipment. 

This week, Adriana spent hours putting together these care packages for our cleaning experts. She was of course wearing self-protective equipment herself. Adriana and her team have organized multiple drop zones across our operational cities, where cleaning crews drive by a designated area and safely retrieve their care packages.

We salute Adriana’s efforts to support our front line cleaning crews – thank you Adriana!

In the upcoming days and weeks, front line medical staff, grocery and pharmacy attendants and other essential personnel including cleaning crews are helping to keep our cities safe and operational. If you come across one of them, give them a thumbs up and a smile, it will go a long way to recognize their invaluable contribution to this crisis.