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We help office managers operate their cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance services remotely.

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iRestify has modernized the way in which office managers hire and interact with cleaning experts through a centralized technology platform. We make the process simple and easy for all users, saving them time and money. Our office cleaning and disinfectant services are ideal for high traffic areas, common places, and individual items in your office.

Type of cleaning

✔ Regular cleaning

Disinfectant Fogging

✔ Disinfecting

✔ Emergency cleaning

✔ Deep cleaning


✔ Common spaces cleaning

(lobby, seating area, gym, game room)

✔ Office cleaning


✔ Weekly, monthly, daily, cleaning

✔ Daytime and overnight cleaning

Additional Services

✔ Day Porters

✔ Health and Safety Screeners

What our customers are saying

“The staff at iRestify were great throughout our on-boarding process and were very knowledgeable. The online app is a great way to track the progress as well as shows before and after pictures once the job is finished. I love being able to track when they arrive and leave the site, makes for a very secure and smooth process.”

– Toronto Office Manager

What our clients are saying.

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