December 14, 2016
The 5 Best Famous Cleaners In History

Hello beautiful people, we’re taking a break from our usual Holiday Season themed blogs. For starters, it feels like -20 in Toronto therefore it’s very difficult to get excited when you could freeze in 2.5 seconds. Secondly, none of us at iRestify have even started our Holiday Shopping therefore, today, we’d like to pretend that the Holidays are more than just 11 days away. We want to give you something warm and cozy on this frigid day, something that could put a smile on your faces before you face these Arctic-like temperatures on your commute home this evening. Here is a list of our role models, also known as some of the most famous cleaners in history. Enjoy!


Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman, who is arguably the person with the most distinguishable voice in the world, was actually a cleaner in the movie Bruce Almighty. Mr. Freeman, who also played the role of God in the film, as pictured above, did a wonderful job on those floors; almost as good as an iRestify service expert. For that reason, he gets on the list as one of the most famous cleaners in history.

Mrs. Doubtfire - Das stachelige KindermŠdchen

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire is arguably one of the greatest multi-taskers in history because not only was she a great babysitter, she was also a fantastic housekeeper. Played by the late Robin Williams, Mrs. Doubtfire brought the family together with her cleaning methods and life skills therefore she will always have a place in our hearts as one of the greatest cleaners of all time.


Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean, the face of an all-purpose cleaner made his debut in 1958 and has been cleaning ever since. 58 years later and Mr. Clean has not aged a single day, that’s simply remarkable. Arguably the most recognizable cleaner of all time, Mr. Clean has been making homes germ free since 1958. He’s one of the hardest workers around, not aging a day in stressful, cluttered, and untidy environments therefore he’s iRestify’s biggest role model.


Monica Geller

Played by Courteney Cox, Monica Geller was a neat-freak for 236 episodes on the hit-show Friends. Between the years of 1994-2004, Monica was obsessed with cleaning and never let any dust mites get in her way. Her home was spotless, her items were spotless and her attitude towards cleaning makes her one of the greatest famous cleaners of all time.


Mary Poppins

Before people idolized Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry, there was an English nanny in 1964 that was perfect in every way. Before you dismiss this claim, let’s look at the history. Taylor Swift sang “Shake it Off” in 2014, while Mary Poppins was shaking dust off tables 40 years prior. Nicki Minaj sang “Starships” which is all about flying, and guess who was flying back in 1964? That’s right, Mary Poppins. Katy Perry composed the song “Roar” in 2013 and Mary Poppins’ cleaning skills have been making everyone roar since 1964. Yes, your favourite pop stars all drew inspiration from Mary Poppins because she’s the most perfect cleaner around, which is why she rounds out our list of the five best famous cleaners in history!