November 17, 2016
The 6 Different Types of Brooms


When we think about brooms, we usually think about a standard broom that most people use to clean their home, condo or office. Brooms come and go without a thought, are very practical and simply get the job done. However, did you know that there are different types of brooms, all for different styles and surfaces? At iRestify, our cleaning experts happen to know a thing or two about brooms which is why, today, we break down just about every broom you could buy. Enjoy!

The Standard Broom 


The standard broom is great for small indoor spaces. This type of broom is the most popular broom because the materials make it easy to grab dust particles and any debris that is laying around the house. The standard broom is good for any standard living space therefore if you live in a Toronto condo or house, this is probably the broom for you.

The Corn Broom 


The corn broom, also known as the straw broom is essentially the old-fashioned version of the standard broom. It’s an everyday broom good for almost any kind of surface. The corn broom covers a larger area and is known to get larger objects off the floor, however, it does not work well when it comes to collecting dust. If you have a straw broom, then you probably have had a problem with bristles falling apart. The best use of the standard broom is outdoors, or small indoor spaces such as the laundry area.

The Push Broom 


The push broom is considered a specialty broom; not really used for everyday typical spaces. The main feature of the push broom is that it has a large head which is great for large areas. The push broom is the ideal cleaning supply for spaces like a garage floor. The iRestify cleaning service experts also love the push broom when it comes to post-renovation cleans because it covers a large area in a short amount of time.

The Angle Broom


Angle brooms are similar to the standard brooms in the sense that you could use them for your everyday cleaning, however, these strands are uniform length but angled. The reason for this design is because they reach corners and other small spaces that the standard broom would not be able to reach. The angle broom is the ideal broom for any kitchen, where there are many corners and small, tight spaces that need to be reached.

The Rubber Broom 


The rubber broom is an innovative broom that is gaining traction all over Toronto households. People tend to love this broom as bristles are nearly impossible to come apart. The rubber broom is great for almost any floor and will remove dirt better than any other broom. The issue with rubber brooms is that they do not work well when it comes to dust collection. If there are areas where plenty of dirt is accumulated, such as a mudroom, then the rubber broom may be the ideal broom for you.

The Water Broom 


The most complex broom you could find is probably the water broom. The water broom is typically used in businesses, particularly in the food industry where water works better than a dry solution for flooring. The water broom is also ideal for the patio, garage, or sidewalk. The water broom should not be used inside your home or condo because they may harm your floors, however, this broom is ideal for cleaning most commercial locations!