November 11, 2016
Short Term Stay Cleaning


As the city of Toronto sees an influx of short term stay properties, cleanliness is a major factor when it comes to renting a space for a predetermined amount of time. Guests expect a clean and tidy place when they check in, and as a host, this can have an impact on your rating. At iRestify, we help short term stay property managers by providing cleaning services before a guest books the location, during their stay, and after their stay is complete. We interviewed several managers of short term stay locations and found the four major reasons that you should consider using a vetted online platform like iRestify before, during, and after a guest uses the location.

Cleanliness Contributes To Your Overall Ranking

According to short term stay property managers, guests rate the cleanliness of locations through various rating sites.  In order to maintain a high overall rating on the Airbnb platform, it’s always best to have your location professionally cleaned. Airbnb also states on its website: “If you consistently receive low cleanliness ratings, you may be subject to penalties. A clean space is something travellers expect.” Therefore, in order to get the best 5-Star rating, it may be best to use a Toronto-based cleaning platform like iRestify.

Leaving a Lasting First Impression

Research in the hotel and hospitality industry shows that a first impression goes a long way to retaining customers. When a customer books your location on Airbnb, the positive first impression potentially means that you just gained a recurring customer who will talk about your location to other potential customers. By using a cleaning service such as iRestify for your Airbnb Toronto location, you’re leaving a lasting first impression on anyone that uses the location. This first impression can mean more customers, higher frequency of usage and an overall higher rating on Airbnb.

Meets AirBnb’s Hosting Standards

Airbnb has a list of hosting standards pertaining to how hosts should treat and accommodate their guests. Part of these hosting standards include a comprehensive list of cleaning standards. If you were to use a professional cleaning service like iRestify to clean your Toronto host location, these standards would always be met. The fact that current Toronto Airbnb hosts use iRestify means that we understand these standards and know how to get you the best rating possible when it comes to cleanliness.

Available Anytime

Unlike a hotel that has a set “check in” and “check out” time, Airbnb is more autonomous in the sense that a host may have guests checking into their Toronto host location at 2am after a long flight from Norway. iRestify is available 24/7, 365 days of the year which means that as a host, you don’t need to scramble to find someone last minute. iRestify is fully operational throughout the year at any time, meaning that the guests from Norway who enter the location at 2am have a clean place ready for them!