November 15, 2016
The Best Ways To Clean Any Type of Flooring


Despite being a new startup in the Toronto tech community, we at iRestify have a combined experience of decades when it comes to cleaning. Our professional service experts have cleaned Toronto offices, businesses, homes, condos and have seen just about every surface that there is. Our cleaning service experts know the little tips and tricks for cleaning various surfaces and today, they wanted to share some of the most helpful cleaning tips that may make your lives a bit easier. Today, we cover the best ways to clean any type or style of flooring. Enjoy!

Laminate Flooring

When cleaning laminate flooring, our service experts recommend using a dry mop or vacuum as opposed to anything wet. Laminate flooring is great in the sense that there are very few things that could damage the floor, however, water happens to be one of those harmful things. It is very important to keep water from getting underneath the flooring, therefore use a vacuum or slightly damp mop as opposed to anything that will harm the laminate flooring.

Cork Floors

Cork flooring has a very natural look which makes it look appealing to Toronto residents however, cork floors can be a bit tricky to clean. The natural look also means that water could become an issue and damage the flooring. The best way to clean cork floors according to our service experts is to use a damp cloth and wipe away.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is common in many Toronto homes and as always, water damage could become a problem. Always remember to keep damp mops away from the surface. Better alternatives to cleaning hardwood flooring including sweeping, dusting, or even vacuuming the hardwood flooring on tile mode to prevent damage.

Linoleum Floors

Finally, a product that cannot be destroyed by water. The best way to clean linoleum flooring according to our service experts is to use a warm-water solution and mop away. Dish soap could be added, just be sure to wipe the floors thoroughly because it may get sticky if not applied correctly.

Vinyl Flooring

The best way to clean vinyl flooring according to our cleaning experts is to use a steam cleaner. The steam will remove any stains and unwanted bacteria/germs while doing no harm to the floors.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are also very popular in Toronto homes and the best way to clean this type of flooring is to mop or steam clean. Mopping will work fine, particularly once a week if you’re looking to remove stains and get a clean finish. Alternately, if you have the time, steam cleaning will also get the job done and remove all bacteria from the tiles.