January 6, 2017
The iRestify Winter Cleaning Guide

While we must admit, the temperatures were mild in the northeast region during the Holidays, it appears as though mother nature has returned with a vengeance because here in Toronto, we’re back in the bitter cold. While the spring isn’t far away, now would be a good time for a winter clean. If you’re locked up in the house trying to hide from these arctic temperatures, you’re not alone. Winter cleaning is a general clean of areas that you may neglect during other times of the year. Here is the iRestify winter cleaning guide. Enjoy!


Start With the Vents and Furnace Area

When the temperature gets to -15 like it has today, you must keep in mind that your furnace and vents are getting a workout. Be sure to declutter areas around the vents so that this warm, comfortable air could circulate freely and quickly. It’s also a good idea to tidy up the furnace area. Look for any irregularities in the furnace area and be sure that these areas are organized and free from any clutter.

Organize The Closets

While the summer is ideal for sundresses, shorts, and flip flops, everyone understands the struggle of the many layers that comes with the winter. Your closets are probably filled with hats, sweaters, mittens, boots, gloves, scarves, long johns, thermals, jackets and more. It’s a good idea to organize these items during the winter so that you don’t lose track of your most comfortable and warmest winter items. Organizing the closets will help keep the clutter at a minimum and will make all these layers easy to find!

Tackle the Attic/Storage Areas

This is a major key when it comes to the iRestify Winter Cleaning Guide: focus on areas you neglect during other times of the year. During the fall, spring, or summer, you’re likely away from the house doing fun things like fishing, hiking and swimming. During these bitter cold days, you’re probably at home watching Netflix, old Disney Movies, or American Idol Season 1….kidding. While you’re locked up in the house and avoiding mother nature’s wrath, it may be a good idea to take to look at those areas you rarely visit. Any attic or storage areas are a good place to look as surely you can find some items to discard, like VCR players, Blockbuster Membership cards or the KFC coupons that expired on Jan.9th 2003. Look at the areas you never really pay attention to and clean away, you’ll be amazed at what you could find!
As always, we’re around to help you with these winter cleaning tasks. If you’re located in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, we can help clean all of these areas in your Toronto home, office or business! Simply log on to www.iRestify.com, click, book, and let us do the rest!