January 14, 2020
The Robots You Need In Your Commercial and Multi-Residential Building

The year is 2020 and while not many of us are willing to accept it, the harsh reality is that mops and brooms now come with bluetooth capabilities. Do you remember what it took to clean the house growing up as a child? Saturday mornings, the height of cartoons, which were often not enjoyed because chores were more important. Scrubbing tiles, wiping enormous bookshelves, shining cutlery, it was all part of the weekly routine surrounding the pain associated with chores.

However, it is with great joy that I present a combat to chores that even property managers love: robots. Children can now enjoy their Saturday morning cartoons because the cleaning robots can clean 10x more efficient than a human whilst belting out the finest cover of Baby Shark. Property managers, while you need every day cleaning operators for complexity, volume, and quality, these robots offer a luxurious and instant option to cleaning up a spill!

Today, we present cleaning robots of the future for both your building and home! 

iRobot® Roomba® i7+ (7550) Wi-Fi® Connected Robot Vacuum (home)

This robot comes with a price tag of approx $1,700 which makes it one of the most costliest cleaning robots to exist. Why is Roomba so special? It comes with Smart Mapping capabilities that can map out your space to make the clean as efficient as possible. In other words, it has the functionality to know and vacuum your space better than you! 

iLife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner (home)

As property managers, we understand your need to be budget-conscious, which is why we’re highlighting the cheapest robot on the market at $150. This “general-basic cleaner” does not come with phone control, bluetooth, or mapping, but it will “gently” vacuum your space for up to two hours. 

Neo (building)

Created by Avidbots, Neo is a commercial cleaning robot that costs approximately $50,000 along with a service plan that will cost $6,000/year. He is, however, a fully autonomous floor cleaner. Sounds like the common spaces in your building is calling this robot’s name! 

The Whiz (building) 

The Whiz, created by Brain Corp, is not sold but rented at a monthly cost of approx $250. The Whiz promises to clean every bit of 1,500 sqft in under three hours. While this robot may be a tad slow, it’s a cost effective solution for smaller buildings!

Cyberworks Robotics (building) 

Cyberworks Robotics is a unique robot as the technology is mountable on any third party manually-operated machine. In other words, Cyberworks would work with your pre-existing equipment, would just take some magic and before you know it, you have a robot ready to clean your building!