January 9, 2017
Tips For Keeping A Space Clean With Kids in Mind

It’s January 9th today which means that it’s one of the most difficult days of the year for parents everywhere as kids head back to school after the two-week Holiday. Chances are, your morning was spent trying to get the kids out of bed, making sure they were ready and on time for school while battling traffic, mother nature, drive-thru lineups at Tim Hortons and many other elements. Speaking of kids, we all know how messy they can be. Whether your child is two years old or 16-years old, they really don’t know the meaning of decluttering or organization. Today, we dedicate this blog to those that attempt to keep the household spotless with kids. Here are some tips for keeping the household clean while living with babies, children, or teens!


Bins and Containers Are Your Best Friends

When it comes to kids, there are many items that can get lost around the house such as lego pieces, dolls, clothes, crayons and more. Always remember that bins and storage containers are your best friends. Teach your children to put their toys away in the right spot and you have already won half the battle. Households can get messy with children and the best way to combat this is to keep the clutter to storage bins and containers. When cleaning, less is always more and reducing the mess before it gets out of hand is the perfect start to a clean home.

Teach Your Children About Cleaning

Teaching your kids about cleaning is an important step when it comes to being tidy and organized. If kids see the value in cleaning at an early age, they’ll be more inclined to help out around the house and will keep the mess at a minimum. It’s important to get your kids involved when it comes to cleaning because this is a good habit that could help them all throughout their childhood.

Allocate Time For Cleaning

One of the most important tips when it comes to cleaning with a family is to allocate time for cleaning. For example, each Saturday morning every household member spends 30 minutes cleaning up their possessions is a great way to get the house tidy and organized during the week. This is an excellent way to make sure the household stays clean while ensuring everyone in the house contributes to making it a clean and tidy home!