January 17, 2017
The Top 7 Cleaning Resolutions For Property Managers


We’re now in mid January which means that the holiday pounds you put on have probably disappeared. The house looks back to normal and you’re probably cursing under your breath each morning as the Gardiner Expressway, Don Valley Parkway and 401 are all back to their congested selves. Chances are that you might have already created New Year’s resolutions and while they come with good intentions, the majority of us have given them up already. If you’ve abandoned ship on your New Year’s resolutions then don’t worry, it’s all a part of human nature. At iRestify, we’re always of thinking about ways that we could help the general public. Today, we’re creating the top ten cleaning resolutions of 2017. These are all designed to help you become more organized, declutter the home and overall become more clean for 2017, enjoy!


Cleaning Resolution #1 – Impress the In-Laws


On the top of everyone’s cleaning list in 2017 should be to impress the most critical family members, usually the in-laws. Always remember that in almost every family, the in-laws know best. Impressing them means that you’ll steer clear from any unwanted comments on Facebook, messaging group chats will no longer be discussing the one strand of hair found in the hardwood floors and generally, this should lead to a more stress-free 2017 for you and your family.  All kidding aside, first impressions mean a lot and these impressions can go a long way in business relationships, friendships, or relationships with close relatives. Anytime someone steps into your home or office in 2017, try and make sure to “wow” them. Perhaps that means hiring a cleaning service to come and make sure everything is spic and span on a bi-weekly basis.


Cleaning Resolution #2 – Get Rid of Clutter


As cleaning experts that work around the clock to make sure Toronto homes, offices, and businesses are cleaned, one thing that always sticks out is clutter. Clutter is essentially anything that is laying around that you don’t need. Perhaps you quit smoking in 2005 but have a table full of ashtrays, it’s time to get rid of it. Or maybe you have a drawer full of bills from 2011 that you forgot to shred. Clutter contributes to dust which makes the home or office feel untidy, even when the floors have been scrubbed, the dust has been removed and the countertops have been cleaned. Removing all the unnecessary items from your home, office, or business will automatically make the location feel like more spacious, less dusty, and ultimately more clean!


Cleaning Resolution #3 – Always Read the Labels


If you’re going to be more clean in 2017, you’re going to have to read labels and follow instructions in an effort to avoid any cleaning catastrophes. In 2016, iRestify came to the rescue for a few customers who made the detrimental mistake of not reading labels. One customer inadvertently created a skating rink in her home while using polisher on her floors. Another customer ruined an expensive iron by pouring vinegar down its pipes in an effort to unclog the iron. While everyone is rightfully switching to the “green” and “eco-friendly” mentality, it’s important to always read the labels in an effort to ensure that no disasters are being created with each clean.


Cleaning Resolution #4 – Get the Kids Involved  


Cleaning is often viewed in the light of an unwanted chore but it could be on the list of Family Fun, as written by this popular Canadian blogger Diana, also known as Toronto Teacher Mom. Getting the kids involved in any family related activity could be considered fun. Ideally, start them doing mini-tasks at a young age and by the time they are 16, they’ll be fully capable of scrubbing the toilets, wiping the ceiling fan and cleaning up the kitchen. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating just a bit but getting the kids involved in any cleaning tasks could reduce the amount of time it takes to clean and after all, you’re teaching them a very good habit that they could carry with them for the rest of their lives!


Cleaning Resolution #5 – Complete a Deep Clean Four Times A Year


A deep clean is a more meticulous aimed at making the house completely dust free. What separates a deep clean from a regular clean is the fact that this tackles all of the hard to reach places, like under the microwave for example. To find out more about all the details of a deep clean, please read our guide which gives a pretty good explanation of exactly what a deep clean is. A deep clean is ideal for those who suffer from allergies or asthma as this type of cleaning really eliminates dust from all areas of the home.


Cleaning Resolution #6 –  Test Out A Cleaning Service


We’re not suggesting to log onto our website and get our Daily Housekeeping Service which essentially is a daily scheduled clean similar to those at hotels. However, we’re asking you to test out a cleaning service in an effort to see the difference between a regular clean, and a clean completed by an experienced, seasoned professional. There’s undoubtedly a difference and we’d like you to witness it in 2017. It’s time to start giving yourself a break which is why we recommend testing or going on a trial run with a cleaning service in 2017!   


Cleaning Resolution #7 – No Longer View Cleaning As A Chore


As we mentioned earlier, most people view cleaning as a chore when in reality it is so much more positive than it is usually described. Cleaning could be considered a fitness activity, health activity, wellness activity and more. Cleaning is a positive activity where one is working to make their daily lives better. You may be working to be more organized or live in a more tidy environment, whatever the case may be, don’t look at cleaning as a daunting task but a positive one.
It’s 2017 which means that you have the entire year to work on these cleaning resolutions. They will all positively impact your life and get you on the path to a cleaner and healthier 2017. If you’re pressed for time or looking to save time in 2017, we happen to know a Toronto-based cleaning service that may be right for you!