February 14, 2017
Valentine’s Day Edition: 7 Things We Love About Cleaning


It’s February 14th which means that love is in the air all around us. According to consumer experts, the most popular item being sold today is “milk chocolate” which means that most of us will be enjoying this delicious treat at some point today. Here at iRestify, there’s nothing more that we love than cleaning therefore this blog is dedicated to the first love of our life: spotless locations! Here are seven things we love about cleaning; a special valentine’s day edition. Enjoy!

Giving Back to the Community

At iRestify, the thing we love the most is the fact that we’re able to give back to the community. During this winter we teamed up with the William Osler Health System Foundation to help support the support the new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Etobicoke General Hospital. You can read more about it here!

Putting Smiles on Faces

The best part about making your Toronto home, office, or business a clean space is the fact that we get to put smiles on faces. Everytime we leave a location spotless, decluttered, and organized, we get a bit of satisfaction knowing that this clean space will put a smile on the face of someone. Making people smile is definitely one of the best aspects to cleaning!

Each Location is Different

One major aspect to cleaning that we love is that each location is different. In this blog we described that every flooring is different therefore they must be cleaned in a different fashion. Each location is different at iRestify which means that we have to be versatile and ready to expect surprises!

Great Fitness Activity

One major underrated aspect pertaining to cleaning is the fact that it is a great way to get in shape. Our cleaning experts burn approximately 156 calories per hour making sure your home, business or office is cleaned. Cleaning is a great fitness activity that could put you in shape in no-time at all.

Cleaning Is Fun

While we understand that some view cleaning as a chore we truly believe cleaning is fun. There’s an art to decluttering spaces that most people wouldn’t understand but these little challenges are absolutely fun to accomplish!

We Help Build Entrepreneurs

At iRestify, all cleaning experts select their own territory, hours, and job type therefore they are entrepreneurs who are building up their own business by opening channels to more revenue streams. At iRestify, this is definitely something we love because entrepreneurship is important and we love that we’re able to help grow with these awesome entrepreneurs.

Customer Feedback

One thing we love is hearing back from our customers. Luckily, we have heard back from many of our customers on Homestars, TrustedPros and more and hearing your feedback really helps iRestify go a long way!