April 29, 2019
Welcome to iRestify – An Integral Part of Property Management Operations

It was the winter of 2018 when a property management firm was stuck with a major issue. It was month-end which means plenty of unit turnovers that were all occurring on the same day. With a portfolio increase, this property management group was responsible for more clean spaces than usual; their regular cleaning team was not going to be able to handle this demand.

After attempting to source cleaning companies for days by making phone calls and sending emails, this issue was not being solved. The VP of Operations tried seven local cleaning companies, they would not be able to handle the demand either. After searching online, he landed on iRestify, the cleaning service that was built for property managers.

In under five minutes, the VP of Operations was able to book a cleaning service for all locations for the same day.

iRestify is an online platform that simplifies the hiring and management of cleaners. For example, cleaning services can be booked for just about any location in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, and Montreal. However, as the property management firm quickly discovered, this is only the beginning of iRestify’s next-generation cleaning services.

iRestify has features designed to simplify operations for property management professionals. iRestify works with over 110 cleaning teams across Toronto, therefore the high-volume of unit turnovers was a task achieved with exceeded expectations.

Furthermore, iRestify’s full-service offering means that daily ongoing services pertaining to cleaning common spaces for property management professionals are a breeze.

There are features that separate iRestify from other cleaning companies. Features such as GPS tracking, the ability to communicate in real-time with the cleaning team and automated invoices. There is also the ability to handle multiple locations all under one account and the ability for a superintendent or property manager to quality-check a space offsite with the picture and video sharing feature.

It was designed with the needs and wants of property managers who were previously tired of having to be at a location to greet cleaners, then arrive back to quality check the space. Property management professionals were tired of the dreaded unit-turnovers which all occur on the same day. Property managers were exhausted with having to source cleaners and track invoices until they found iRestify.

Using iRestify, they quickly found solutions to their problems. It’s now the spring of 2019 and the property management company that initially discovered iRestify though an online search now uses iRestify to clean both common spaces and unit turnovers for multiple locations. iRestify has simply become an integral part of this property management firm’s operations.

Are you ready to bring your operations into the digital era?

For more information, please visit www.iRestify.com