November 30, 2016
Why Use an iRestify Service Expert?

While we like to deliver fun facts, talk about cleaning and other Toronto-based startups, today we’d like to talk a bit about ourselves. iRestify was started in an effort to simplify the transaction process between the customer and service expert in the cleaning industry. Our online booking solution is an efficient and effective way to find cleaning help, all in a matter of minutes. Today, we’d like to talk about why you should use our cleaning experts!



All iRestify Service Experts Have Undergone Background Checks

Customer safety is the number one priority at iRestify which is why all  of the service experts listed on the site undergo a background check from the RCMP’s National Repository of Criminal Records. This process helps validate the cleaning expert and gives customers the peace of mind that they deserve.

All iRestify Service Experts Are Insured

All service experts listed on the iRestify platform are vetted and insured. Our process helps validate that you are hiring a trustworthy, experienced and fully insured individual.

All iRestify Service Experts Are Entrepreneurs

All cleaning service experts listed on the iRestify platform are independent contractors. What does this mean? Service experts select their own territory, schedule, hours and location preferences. The flexible and autonomous nature of the iRestify platform means that service experts are all entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their own business; therefore, if you like to support your local economy, our service experts are all entrepreneurs! 

All iRestify Service Experts are Fully Vetted

In order to become a service expert listed on the iRestify platform, service experts go through a multi-layered process which includes phone, web conference and/or in person meetings, insurance, background checks and more. When hiring a cleaning expert using iRestify, you can rest assured, all of the cleaning experts on the platform are vetted, making them the right person to clean your Toronto home, office, or business.