Meet our cleaning and maintenance experts.

At iRestify, we have a network of professional cleaning and maintenance experts across North America, ready to provide you with the highest quality service for your buildings.

Our service experts are background checked, multi-vetted and insured. You can trust that the work is being done by professional and reliable crews.


Who they are.

Our service teams are professional cleaning companies who partner with iRestify. They have been heavily vetted through a multi-step process which includes background checks. The platform matches the expertise of the cleaning teams to the unique quality requirements of iRestify’s clients.


iRestify quality standards.

iRestify’s experts have professional cleaning and maintenance experience. To ensure that your quality standards are always met, we have a thorough onboarding process which reflects the unique requirements of your Statement of Work. You can view quality inspection and checklist completion events directly on our platform.

A tablet showing information including: client satisfaction rate, area covered in square feet and more

Reliable and trustworthy.

You can rest assured that our cleaning and maintenance experts are reliable and trustworthy. Before their first contract, they go through a rigorous process that includes: criminal background check, insurance process, interview, professional reference check, orientation with our quality assurance team.



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