Grow your cleaning and maintenance business with iRestify

With iRestify, you can focus on operating your business while we provide you with the contracts and the technology to manage and grow your cleaning and maintenance operations.


How iRestify helps you grow your business

The Work Contracts

Get work contracts directly on your mobile device and have the flexibility to choose the contracts you prefer.

The App

Organize your team and review their performance with the iRestify app – access features such as digital checklists, bookings, and more.

The Support

Get access to a support team that provides personalized feedback, guidance, and helpful business resources to ensure your business is successful.

We provide the work contracts and support you need to grow your cleaning and maintenance business quickly.

Current Available Contracts

iRestify Perks

Easy Contract Management

Be informed about available contracts and easily opt-in. Save time and money by not having to travel to meet with potential clients.

Business Growth

We ensure that you always have a steady stream of work coming in, so you can be confident that your business will be able to grow without any interruptions.

Flexible Schedule

Be informed about available contracts and select the ones that best match your business specialty and your team’s schedule.

Easy Team Management

With iRestify, you can track your team’s progress and performance, so you can identify any areas where your team could improve.

Weekly Payments

Get weekly payments that are deposited directly into your account – access your payments as soon as they are available, without having to wait for the cheque to clear.

Recognition and Rewards

Our network of experts is our most valuable asset. We honor, recognize and support businesses by offering ongoing quality, operational, and general business guidance.

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Ready to grow your cleaning and maintenance business?

Do you have a team of hard-working personnel experienced in property cleaning and maintenance? Are they legally authorized to work in their country of residence and willing to undergo a background check? Do they have access to a smartphone with a data plan?

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