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Our process to get your buildings cleaned is straightforward and was designed with busy property management professionals in mind.


Book a service instantly using our app on any device.

You can book as many cleaning, maintenance and janitorial services as you need at the same time and get live notifications via the app.


Our service experts will perform the service required.

You will be notified when the team arrives on the premises and you will be able to communicate with them at any time via the real-time tools.


You will be notified when the service has been completed.

You will receive before and after pictures to conduct remote quality checks and get access to quality inspection events and data analytics.

We set you up for success.

Our onboarding process takes into consideration your unique quality standards for all of your buildings. Our quality assurance and client care teams will support you along the way to ensure your expectations are always met. You will gain access to customized quality reports and data analytics to help you run your operations more efficiently.

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