How we modernize building cleaning in 3 simple steps

We digitally transform your building cleaning process with our structured approach for a streamlined transition into modernized building cleaning.

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Our 3-step implementation process

1. Building Assessment

We first perform a thorough site assessment of each building and evaluate their respective SOW requirements.

2. Solution Design

We then design a tailor-made solution to meet the unique needs of each building in your portfolio – fully integrated with our technology and structured digital workflow.

3. Service Launch

We launch our solution for modernized building cleaning and ensure that it consistently performs under the highest quality standards.

Our onboarding process tailors our solution to meet the unique needs of each building in your portfolio.

How our solution works

The iRestify App

iRestify’s app allows you to remotely oversee cleaning services across all your properties. Access proof-of-service data to track performance and gain valuable insights.

The Service Experts

Our service experts are professional, fully vetted, and work in compliance with our digital workflow. They work alongside our QA teams to ensure your buildings are always in pristine condition.

The Service Management

We manage your entire cleaning operations on your behalf, so you have more time to focus on providing the best experience possible for your tenants and visitors.

Structured onboarding and solution design

Onboarding made simple

We provide a streamlined onboarding process to make it easy for your team to transition into our modernized solution for building cleaning. Our client success team will guide you every step of the way to ensure that your team takes full advantage of iRestify’s technology.

Tailored solutions for each building

We understand that every building is unique, with different spaces, functions, and types of tenants and visitors. Therefore we tailor our solution for each building in your portfolio, and take into account the layout of the premises, frequency of traffic, types of spaces, and other factors that can impact the cleaning service level of a building.

irestify maintenance expert

A human-centred approach to supporting operations

A very personal experience

We take pride in our relationships with our clients. From your very first interaction with us, we will be upfront and honest about what to expect from us. By being fully informed every step of the way, you can rest assured that we always aim to meet and exceed your expectations.

A dedicated client success manager

At iRestify, we have dedicated client success managers who are always available to answer your calls and messages. We want you to feel confident that you’re working with a team that has your best interests at heart. So whether you have a question about our services or just need some advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here for you.

irestify maintenance expert

Continuous improvement

Quality inspections and reassessments

Our QA supervisors collect qualitative data onsite to monitor and score the performance of each service. Our quality scoring process acts as a positive feedback loop to allow continuous improvement of our services. Our teams also perform thorough service reassessments to ensure that the service performance meets the quality standards across all your properties.

The launch is just the beginning of our partnership

At iRestify, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience. After launching our solution, we remain committed to your success by being open to feedback and offering continued support. Whether it’s a new and improved feature on the iRestify app or an update on our services, we make sure you’re always in the loop.

The iRestify Advantage

Proof of service

Gain complete visibility of service performance, see quality scores, SOW compliance and more.


Be able to act fast when it is needed – include work orders at any time and keep your building operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Enterprise analytics

Analyse service performance, assess compliance, track service quality and consistency over time.

Digital workflow

We translate your SOW, work orders, and checklists into a digital workflow that enables easy tracking and reporting.

Flexible to scale

Whether you are responsible for a dozen or hundreds of properties, our solution is designed to handle it all.

Personalized for you

We take the time to understand all of your building needs, so we can provide you with a customized experience – from service to data.

iRestify building Maintenance

Are you ready to embark on a unique journey in building management?

Let us show you how easy and beneficial it is to modernize your building cleaning operations. We make managing operations easy and stress-free, so you have more time to focus on your tenants.

iRestify building Maintenance

What our clients say

"With iRestify, we receive high-quality maintenance and janitorial services which has drastically improved our building maintenance processes. With the technology and team of expert service professionals that iRestify provides, we have successfully increased tenant satisfaction and elevated the quality of our portfolio."

Stefan Soumalias

Summit Properties

"iRestify's impressive technology solution and service has truly changed the landscape of building maintenance and janitorial services. With iRestify, we are preparing ourselves for the future of property maintenance."

Maurice Abel

Regional Manager, Minto Apartment REIT

“Our property managers can instantly access, manage and schedule daily services online from their cell phones across all of our properties. iRestify has really made a very positive impact in our operations.”

Caroline Pharant

Regional Community Manager, Greenrock Resident Services

"The live updates from the iRestify App allow us to communicate and coordinate with our employees, as well as the iRestify cleaning teams. It gives our employees and visitors peace of mind"

Mark Fernandes

Director of Facilities, Teleperformance

“iRestify’s services help us achieve the highest standard of cleanliness, which contributes very significantly to comfort measures for both our patients and their families. We are very grateful for their support!”

Dan Dempster

Director of Operations, Emily's House

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